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2015  01 

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GOLDEN GLOBE for Grand Budapest Hotel


The Medienboard funded  comedy film "Grand Budapest Hotel" won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture. The Studio Babelsberg Production was written and directed by Wes Anderson.

Nous sommes tous Charlie

Je suis charlie

Kirsten Niehuus: "As a film funder of a democratic country we strongly believe that freedom of expression is the humus of the arts. We believe that the freedom of the artist shall be used to broaden the minds and to push the boundaries of tolerance within a society. Therefore art is allowed to explore all ways of expression within the legal framework of a democratic constitution. Art is an important force to broaden minds and to overcome outdated moral or religious standpoints. We believe in social progress initiated by art.  We do not support works of ultra violence or works meant to create hatred or suppression of ethnic or religious groups or against any sex/gender.”

Medienboard News 3. Augabe 2014

Medienboard News 3.14