Communication and Press


  •  Sandra  Bellin

    Sandra Bellin

    Communication and Press New Media Funding (in representation for Ulrike Linzer - Parental leave)

    Tel: +49 331 743 87 71

  •  Antonia  Dedenbach

    Antonia Dedenbach

    Communication and Press
    Film Funding / Video-PR

    Tel: +49 331 74387 73

  •  Katharina  Deparade

    Katharina Deparade

    Referentin Online-Kommunikation und Social Media

    Tel: +49 331 74387 74

Location communication is one of the Medienboard's primary tasks. Intensive press and public-relations work in recent years has helped drive a steady rise in the national and international awareness of Berlin-Brandenburg as a film and media location. In addition to periodic reports, the Medienboard also sends a monthly newsletter to about 15,000 subscribers.