Film Funding


  • Kirsten Niehuus

    Managing Director Film Funding

    Tel: +49 (0)331-743 87 10

  • Christian Berg

    Coordinator Film Funding
    Commissioner for Cinemas, Distribution, International Co-Productions, Animation

    Tel: +49 (0)331-743 87 23

  • Anja Dörken

    Funding Advisor
    Newcomers, Development, Production

    Tel: +49 (0)331 74387 24

  • Veronika Grob

    Funding Advisor
    Focus on Newcomers, High End Series, Development, Production

    Tel: +49 (0)331-743 87 21

  • Dr. Teresa Hoefert de Turégano

    Funding Advisor
    International Co-Production, Development, Experimental Film

    Tel: +49 (0)331-743 87 25

Film Funding

The Film Funding division supports films and film-related projects in the categories of script and project development, production, and distribution and sales, as well as additional projects. It provides advice for filmmakers on financial questions, and works to ensure the film industry’s further artistic and business development.