Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission

  • Shooting Permits

    The special dispensations needed, insofar as they are allowed by road-traffic laws, will depend on the size of the shoot and its impact on traffic flows. The BBFC supports film crews during this application process and works closely with policymakers and government agencies.

  • Application Forms

    The BBFC supplies official application forms free of charge. This enables a standardisation of application documents, thus facilitating the efficient processing of applications by the appropriate agencies. In these forms, applicants will find the correct fax numbers or mailing addresses for the appropriate administrative departments.

  • Location Database

    From A for apothecary to Z for zoo, our film-location database holds more than 1,300 locations in Berlin and Brandenburg with around 25,000 stored images – and this number is steadily increasing. Each entry includes an address, a brief description, and contact information. 

  • Address Database

    The address database is the electronic industry-business directory for the media sector in Berlin and Brandenburg. Whether you need producers, equipment, locations or staff, or simply want information and the right contact for obtaining film permits in the region, you’ll find it here.

  • Production Index

    Who’s shooting what, where, and when? The answer to these questions can be found in the BBFC’s Production Index. Known productions in Berlin-Brandenburg are sorted by genre (from animated film to TV show) and production date (from planning to final wrap).

  • Coaching

    News Stories on Berlin and Brandenburg
    “Before the clapperboard falls – Film permits in Berlin-Brandenburg” is a series of seminars produced by the BBFC. The courses are aimed at line producers, production managers, unit managers, location scouts, assistants, and production designers, as well as location owners and government-agency representatives, and are designed to facilitate networking and professional development.

  • Green Film Guide Berlin Brandenburg

    Grün Drehen ist Chefsache!!!
    Eine eindeutige Entscheidung und Anweisung des Produzenten, dass der Film möglichst umweltfreundlich gedreht werden soll, ist die Grundvoraussetzung für den Erfolg! Der Wegweiser: Gewerke und das  Verzeichnis: Dienstleister bieten wichtige Informationen, Anregungen und Kontakte für eine nachhaltige Filmproduktion.

Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission (bbfc)

Whether issue at hand is feature film, television, advertising, or student films, the Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission (BBFC) is the first stop for film teams that want to work in the capital region. The commission can provide the right agency contacts for film-permit applications, information on film-permitting procedures, and advice on film-location issues.

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  •  Central  Contact

    Central Contact

    Tel: +49 331 74387 30

    Fax: +49 331 74387 99

  •  Christiane  Raab

    Christiane Raab

    Head of Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission (bbfc)

    Tel: +49 331 74387 31

    Mob: + 49 172 8533 838

  •  Daniel  Hasler

    Daniel Hasler

    Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission
    Service and Locations

    Tel: +49 331 74387 30

  •  Mareike  Hube

    Mareike Hube

    Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission
    Service and Locations

    Tel: +49 331 74387 30

  •  Sandra  Bellin

    Sandra Bellin

    Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission
    Public Relations

    Tel: +49 331 743 87 33