Projects for Children

  • Apps and Games for Children to an age of 6 Years

    No reason to fear digital content for the littlest ones! Children today grow up with digital media. Interactive, child-friendly apps for smartphones and tablets, and educational games for computers and mobile devices are therefore an important element of media socialisation. The Medienboard provides funding for promising projects by developers in this field.

  • Apps and Games for Children from the Age of 6 Years

    Computers and mobile devices are today part of daily life at school, and play a particularly large role outside the classroom for the over-six age group. From games and film-tie-in apps to educational computer games, the Medienboard supports outstanding projects in this area.
  • Media Projects for Children

    Numerous projects in Berlin and Brandenburg help to introduce children to audiovisual media, while allowing insights into how these productions are created. In recent years, the Medienboard has supported initiatives such as Spatzenkino, the Kinderkinobüro, Schulkinowochen Berlin-Brandenburg, the Filmernst Kinderkino, the Kinder machen Kurzfilm initiative, die Akademie für Kindermedien, the "Digitale Spiele in Kinderhänden" conference, and Games Camp.
First contact point for film teams, with databases for film locations, current productions, film professionals, and addresses. Additionally facilitates film permits, and offers industry coaching.

The Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg is one of four MEDIA information offices in Germany and is the contact point for the Creative Europe Programme, which provides funding for Europe’s creative and cultural sectors.

What we fund

Children and youth today grow up quite naturally with (digital) media. Films, videos, computer games, apps, and Internet services are an integral part of their lives, and a key element in their early socialisation. The Medienboard supports child-friendly interactive and film content, as well as media-culture events targeted specifically at children. 

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