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Let’s get started! Medienboard funds new and exciting projects in 2017

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In its first annual round of funding, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg granted more than 5.5 million Euros to 41 projects that will be produced, developed or distributed by film professionals in the German capital region.

CEO Kirsten Niehuus: "The Medienboard is keen to support more female directors but in its first funding session of 2017 there weren’t any big-budget projects by female directors that applied to us. We hope that will change this year and – generally in the future!”

Production funding for national and international films
Among the projects that received the highest amounts of funding is Peter Segal’s new movie "Inversion" (Studio Babelsberg, 700.000 €). Based on and inspired by songs of Udo Jürgens, Philipp Stölzl will direct his new movie "Ich war noch niemals in New York" (Ziegler Film, 600.000 €) with funding from the Medienboard. Burhan Qurbani is also coming to Berlin-Brandenburg for his next movie. "Berlin Alexanderplatz" (Sommerhaus Filmproduktion, 450.000 €) is an adaption of Alfred Döblin’s famous novel. Christian Petzold’s new drama "Transit" (Schramm Film Koerner & Weber, 350.000 €) is also in the production pipeline. It is a love story of two people caught in between escape, identity crises and coming home. Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg is also supporting the sequel "Deutschland 86" (UFA Fiction, 800.000 €) of the worldwide renowned series "Deutschland 83". Additionally, Bastian Günther’s film titled "Avalanche" (Flare Film, 225.000 €) will be produced with the support of the Medienboard.

Medienboard also supported the development of new series and films with a total of 170.000 Euros. Among the recipients are the Sci-Fi series "Coryza" (Carte Blanche Film + Fernsehproduktion GmbH, 50.000 €), "Hump" (MovieBrats Pictures, 50.000 €), "Gorilla" (a little film production, 35.000 €) as well as "Transit Lives" (Weydemann Bros., 20.000 €) by Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu and "Die juristische Unschärfe einer Ehe" (bittersuess pictures, 15.000 €) by author and director Florian Gottschick.

Last but not least, 14 new features will be released with the distribution support of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Among others, these include "Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben" (Studiocanal, 160.000 €), "Bibi & Tina 4 - Tohuwabohu Total" (DCM Film Distibution, 100.000 €), "Conni & Co 2" (Warner, 100.000 €), "Timm Thaler" (Constantin, 80.000 €), "Return to Montauk" (Wild Bunch, 50.000 €), "Überflieger - Kleine Vögel, großes Geklapper" (Senator, 50.000 €) and "Die Häschenschule - Jagd nach dem goldenen Ei" (Universum Film, 30.000 €).

Altogether 78 applications requesting a total amount of 18.2 million Euros were received in this year’s first funding session.

Click here to see the entire list of funded projects.

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