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European Film Awards: six nominations for 3 MBB-subsidised films

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The Medienboard-supported films "Lazzaro Felice" by Alice Rohrwacher, "Foxtrot" by Samuel Maoz and "Of Fathers and Sons" by Talal Derki gained a total of six nominations for the European Film Awards 2018. Many congratulations!

"Lazzaro Felice" is fighting in four separate categories at the EFA, including the Best European Film: Alice Rohrwacher has been nominated for both Best Director & Best Screenplay while Alba Rohrwacher has been shortlisted for the Best European Actress.

Samuel Maoz has been nominated in the Director category with "Foxtrot", and "Of Fathers and Sons" by Talal Derki aims for a European Film Award as the Best Documentary.

We are confident and will keep our fingers crossed for all nominees at the awards ceremony on 15 December 2018 in the Spanish city of Seville!