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Fellowship Recipients for the 2016 Medienboard-funded Media Residency Program "Berlin Capital Region – New York" Have Been Selected

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New York City/Berlin/Potsdam – The fellowship recipients for the second edition of the Medienboard-funded Media Residency Program “Berlin Capital Region – New York” have been selected. A total of four fellowships are being awarded to media professionals from Germany’s capital region and New York, each of whom will spend three months getting to know the other metropolitan region. The entrepreneurs from the digital-media industry can use the program to network with their peers in the media sector, further develop their projects, and orient themselves toward the international market. The exchange will take place from April to June 2016.

Seneit Debese, CEO of Greta & Starks App UG, will travel with the program from Berlin to New York. The Greta & Starks apps enable barrier-free accessibility within movie theaters. As a part of the exchange, the company will take its first steps toward the American market. From Potsdam, Laubwerk GmbH CEO Timm Dapper will also travel to the Big Apple, where he intends to develop a 360-degree digital experience focusing on Central Park. Coming from New York to Berlin will be Charles Mallison of CnB Projects, who will explore labor conditions faced by prostitutes in Germany and the United States using an innovative documentary format. Radish Lab CEO Alana Range, who intends to establish a second branch of her creative agency for interactive projects and digital storytelling in Berlin, has been selected as a fourth fellowship recipient.

 Helge Jürgens, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg’s managing director of media development:
 "We support the Media Residency Program because we’re convinced that exchange between two media regions as creative and innovative as Berlin-Brandenburg and New York can be inspiring and groundbreaking for both sides. We’re interested in fostering long-term networking and collaboration between media professionals, and thus between the German and American media industries, as well as in helping to further the development of exciting projects."

 Markus Schranner, Chairman Startup Germany:
 "Startup Germany organizes the Media Residency Program together with its national and international partners to let selected attendees learn about international relationships and cultural differences. Building a strong network of supporters and partners is often more important than all the money you could possibly get from an investor. We give our people a chance to build these networks in two of  the most important cities worldwide."

 Joana Vicente, Executive Director Made in NY Media Center by IFP:
 "The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is thrilled to again be working with our partners in Germany to continue an exchange of knowledge, culture and creativity. Connecting innovators exploring the future of media is fundamental to our mission and we look forward to again supporting these innovators from our two great hubs."

 The Media Residency Program is funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and organized by Startup Germany. Partners include the Made in NY Media Center by IFP, betahaus, and deutsche startups. The exchange launched in 2015 with great success. The program is aimed at founders, creatives, and young digital-media entrepreneurs from the German capital region and New York, who are given a three-month opportunity to work on their projects and network with digital-scene peers in the other host city. The fellowships include travel costs, accommodation, work space in a co-working facility, and a monthly financial allowance. In addition, fellowship recipients are offered an individually tailored mentoring program. The fellowship’s agenda also includes a visit to industry events such as MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin and re: publica, Berlin Web Week, and Internet Week New York .

 About Startup Germany:
 Startup Germany e.V. is a national and international network to drive entrepreneurship and innovation in Germany. Today we lose to many talents, because we just focus on certain groups. The organisation focuses on inspiring people to start their own projects or businesses and supports these people with know-how and network.

 About Made in NY Media Center by IFP:
 The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is a new kind of collaborative workspace and incubator dedicated to supporting and connecting the next generation of artists, innovators and entrepreneurs by providing industry resources, events and educational opportunities. Developed through a unique partnership between Independent Filmmaker Project, the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation, The Media Center is building a community that operates at the intersection of media and technology.

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