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German-Polish Film Fund supports 4 new projects

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In the first 2020 funding round, Medienboard, the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung MDM, the German Federal Film Board and the Polish Film Institute funded 4 film projects with a total of 228,200 euros in the context of the German-Polish Film Fund.

Israeli director Asaf Saban recounts the experience of a group of Israeli teenagers visiting former concentration camp sites and Holocaust memorials on a class trip through Poland in his coming-of-age story “The Delegation”. However, their thoughts also circle around first love at the same time. The project by In Good Company Berlin, Gum Films Tel Aviv and Koi Studio Warsaw, which had been funded from the development stage, receives 93,200 euros in production funding from the fund. Asaf Saban spent 2011 in Berlin as a Medienboard-funded artist in residence.

“Wika”, Poland’s oldest DJane at 80 years of age, is the centre of a new documentary by Agnieszka Zwiefka (“The Queen of Silence”). She accompanies Wika in her day-to-day life and while planning her great club tour, and paints a portrait of a woman who is facing old age with pure joie de vivre. After development funding by the German-Polish Film Fund, the production of the project is now supported by Leipzig and My Way Studio Warsaw with 85,000 euros.

Funding to the tune of 30,000 euros is awarded to Doppelplusultra Hamburg and Arkana Studio Warsaw for their development of the documentary film “Black Spot Karabash”. In it, director Olga Delane ventures to Russian industrial town Karabash which is among the most polluted locations of the world. Authorities and one oligarch intend to improve their image at any cost and build a “second Switzerland” there.

dffb graduate Ewa Wikiel is realising her full-length film debut with “Die Königin von Thule” (“The Queen in Thule”). When a dead body is found on the dancefloor of a hip Berlin club after a wild night, club owner Ylena flees to Poland. In the car with her is hungover cloakroom attendant Nina, who can’t remember the end of the party. Heartwake Films Berlin and Koi Studio Warsaw receive 20,000 euros of development funding for their mixture of drama and mobster comedy.

The next deadline for development or production funding applications for German-Polish film projects is 31 July 2020. Application forms and further information are available on the websites of Medienboard, MDM, FFA and the Polish Film Insitute.

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