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German-Turkish Co-Production Development Fund supports 5 new film projects

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The jury: Malika Rabahallah, Gülin Üstün, Maria Köpf, Kirsten Niehuus, Teresa Hoefert de Turégano, Kerem Ayan

Press release - October 6, 2016

German-Turkish Co-Production Development Fund supports 5 new film projects

Berlin/Potsdam/Hamburg/Istanbul – In its 6th round of funding, which took place during the Hamburg Film Festival, the German-Turkish Co-Production Development Fund supported 5 new German-Turkish film projects with the amount of 125.000 €.

Among the selected projects is "Sisters - Kiz Kardesler" by Turkish director Emin Alper, whose previous films “Frenzy” and “Beyond the Hill” were programmed in the Berlinale and the Venice International Film Festival. The film is co-produced by Komplizen Film from Berlin. Another highlight is Uğur Aydedim’s "The Last Step", which is an adaptation of a famous Turkish novel by Ayhan Geçgin, who is also involved in writing the script.

The full list of funded projects:

"Sisters - Kiz Kardesler" by Emin Alper (30.000 €)  
Production: Liman Film / Nadir Öperli, Komplizen Film / Janine Jackowski & Jonas Dornbach

"Bus to America" by Derya Durmaz (25.000 €)
Production: Mars Production / Nefes Polat, Rix Film / Frank Becher

"The Last Step" by Uğur Aydedim (25.000 €)    
Production: Ret Film Prodüksiyon / Çiğdem Mater, Fiction 2.0 / Stefan Gieren

"Geranium" by Çağıl Bocutoğlu (25.000 €)
Production: Kolor Film / Çağlar Bocutoğlu, Zischlermann Film Produktion / Susanne Mann

"The Hive" by Eylem Kaftan (20.000 €)  
Production: Pero Film Prodüksiyon / Said Nur Akkuş, Aktaş and Gallico Gbr, Mitos Film / Janna Heine

The Medienboard, the Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein film fund and the Istanbul Film Festival / Meetings on the Bridge established the German-Turkish Co-Production Development Fund in 2011. Its aim is to strengthen and support cooperation between German and Turkish filmmakers.

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