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Highlights in the fall season: Medienboard funds new projects by Duncan Jones, Dennis Gansel, Anika Decker and many more

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Highlights in the fall season: Medienboard funds new projects by Duncan Jones, Dennis Gansel, Anika Decker and many more

In its 4th annual round of funding, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg has granted more than 4.5 million € to 29 projects that will be produced, developed or distributed by film professionals in the German capital region.

Production funding for national and international films
The biggest amount of funding went to Torsten Künstler’s new movie “Spezialeinheit” (PANTALEON Films, 800.000 €) with Til Schweiger and Matthias Schweighöfer as leading actors.

Dennis Gansel is also coming to Berlin-Brandenburg for his next movie, more precisely to Studio Babelsberg where “Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer” (Rat Pack Filmproduktion, 800.000 €) will be shot.

Duncan Jones’ new project “Mute” (Studio Babelsberg, 200.000 €), which is the first Netflix original film entirely produced in Berlin and Brandenburg, is a sci-fi- thriller starring Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux.

Also in the production pipeline is Lars Kraumes project titled “Das schweigende Klassenzimmer” (Akzente Film- und Fernsehproduktion, 500.000 €). It tells the story of a rebellious high-school-class during the 1950s in Germany.

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg is also supporting Leander Haußmann’s new project “Das Pubertier” (Constantin Film, 400.000 €) that tells the story of a father who has trouble dealing with his teenage daughter.

The German comedy “High Society” (Hellinger/Doll Filmproduktion, 200.000 €) by Anika Decker, the new film by the Oscar-winning director Stefan Ruzowitzky “Narziss und Goldmund” (Mythos Film, 350.000 €) as well as Hansjörg Thurn’s television drama “Die Ketzerbraut” (TV 60 Filmproduktion, 80.000 €) also received funding.

Additional films that will be produced with the support of the Medienboard are the documentary feature “Seestück” (Vineta Film) directed by Volker Koepp, which received 80.000 Euros as well as the new project of Felix Moeller titled “Sympathisanten – Unser Deutscher Herbst" (Blueprint Film, 80.000 €).

The screenwriters Stefan Sarazin and Peter Keller received funding to develop the film “No Name Restaurant" (Enigma Film, 30.000 €), likewise Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt who is writing the script for a film called “Mein Bild von dir” (Wüste Film, 20.000 €).

Last but not least, 12 new features will be released with the distribution support of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Among others, these include Wolfgang Petersens "Vier gegen die Bank" (Warner Bros., 100.000 €) with Til Schweiger, Matthias Schweighöfer, Jan Josef Liefers and Michael „Bully“ Herbig, Simon Verhoeven‘s comedy "Willkommen bei den Hartmanns" (Warner Bros., 100.000 €), Chris Kraus' "Die Blumen von gestern" (Piffl Medien, 80.000 €), the animated children’s movie "Pettersson & Findus 2 - Das schönste Weihnachten" (Wild Bunch, 50.000 €) by Ali Samadi Ahadi and "Kundschafter des Friedens" (Majestic Filmverleih, 50.000 €) directed by Robert Thalheim.

Altogether 80 applications requesting a total amount of 14.7 million € were received in this year’s 4th funding session.

Click here to see the entire list with all funded projects.