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MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin 2016: Discussing Media, Politics, Business, and the Net

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Berlin/Potsdam, 29 April 2016 – Next week, Berlin will again host two days of media, Net-policy, and industry discussions, becoming a forum for exploring the media world’s most exciting digital trends and tendencies. National and international experts and decision-makers from TV, film, radio, print, online, mobile, social media, politics, technology, business, culture, and academia will meet on 2 and 3 May 2016 at MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin (MCB), which will take place in parallel with the 10th edition of re:publica. More than 7,000 attendees are expected for the two events in STATION Berlin. Like last year, a joint ticket will allow entry to both conferences.

The MCB, which in recent years has become one of the most important media conferences in Europe, will again this year play out across three stages. Each of the organisers – Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB) and the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) – will control the programme on one of the stages, while re:publica will be responsible for the third stage’s agenda.

When Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller opens the media conference on Monday, attendees can expect a broad spectrum of up-to-the-minute issues from the roughly 50 sessions and panels and more than 150 speakers: from global digital trends and modern regulatory questions to debates over ensuring media diversity to innovative film and media projects.

The Medienboard-stage programme will examine content trends and new business models, current media-production trends, new media-distribution channels, and the social effects of digitisation. Highlights include the following speakers and programme items:

- “Digital philosopher of the hour” Luciano Floridi will address the issues arising at the threshold of the infosphere, at the interface of media and network policy, and from the use of media over the Internet. Whistleblower Edward Snowden will participate via live remote video.
- Morgan Wandell will talk about developing material that ignores conventional ratings wisdom, as well as other secrets of Amazon Studios’ success. #MCB16 will also feature the team producing the first German series for Amazon Prime, which is being developed by and stars Matthias Schweighöfer.
- What role do international news networks play in our complex world politics? RT International’s Oksana Boyko, CNN International’s Inga Thordar, Deutsche Welle’s Peter Limbourg, and Al Jazeera English’s Salah Negm will discuss the fierce competition between networks.
- Nick van Dyk of Activision Blizzard, one of the world’s leading interactive-entertainment companies, will examine the current evolution of game-development firms into large multimedia corporations.
- Vimeo’s Jordan McGarry and Spotify’s Dossie McCraw will reveal the online-video market’s newest content strategies.

The programme on the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg stage will address the regulatory challenges posed by digitisation, as well as efforts to ensure diversity. Discussions will examine what proficient and independent interaction with digital media looks like. In addition, innovative projects at the interface between radio, TV, and the Internet will be presented.

- Stanford Law School’s Prof. Dr. Barbara van Schewick will address the question of whether net neutrality in Europe can still be saved.
- European Commissioner Günther Oettinger will speak with journalist Ingrid Scheithauer about European positions on net neutrality; the discoverability of media content online; competition between providers such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and national actors; and the challenges faced by regulators related to digitisation and the use of media content over the Internet.
- In conversation with Wolf-Christian Ulrich (ZDF), Laura Laugwitz (RailsGirls Berlin), Maria Reimer (Jugend hackt), Prof. Dr. Stefan Aufenanger (University of Mainz), and Prof. Dr. Ira Diethelm (University of Oldenburg) will address the issue of digital literacy: What opportunities are opened on the Internet for users who have programming and hacking knowledge?
- Ten years of Twitter: Mark Little, Twitter’s vice president of media in Europe and Africa, will present #MCB16 with a look forward: “What’s next for Twitter and News?”
- BILD Digital Executive Editor Julian Reichelt, Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) Chairman Andreas Fischer, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ino Augsberg (University of Kiel), and Dr. Stephanie Geise (University of Erfurt) will discuss the power of images at the frontier between press freedom and human dignity.
- With the MIZ RAPID FIRE PITCH, the Media Innovation Centre Babelsberg (MIZ) will offer a look into the work of ongoing innovation projects. Nine teams will each have five minutes to make their pitches: from three-dimensional audioscapes to a big-data scraper for the rental-real-estate sector to robotic journalism.
- Hate speech: Rayk Anders, Carline Mohr, and Christoph Krachten will discuss how we can bring social-network debates back into line, and raise them to an acceptable level of discourse.

Finally, the re:publica-curated MCB stage will address the societal issues raised by the overlap of Net culture and media.
- Media-studies expert Prof. Dr. Bernhard Pörksen, with others, will address the power of storytelling in the digital age.
- Journalist Vivienne Chow will describe the constraints faced by the media in Hong Kong.
- Student Joshua Arntzen will explain to adults how Snapchat works.
- In her talk “From the Internet cafe to the stadium – The development of a new spectator sport”, moderator Melek Balgün will describe the evolution of e-sports.
- U.S. Ambassador to Germany John B. Emerson will speak with VICE/Motherboard’s Max Hoppenstedt about innovation in elections and the use of digital media in political campaigns.

In addition to the on-stage programmes, MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin will again this year provide a platform for start-ups in the media and ICT sectors. In the exhibition space, emerging companies from Berlin and Brandenburg will have the opportunity to present their ideas and projects.

Accreditation: Please note that accreditation is only possible until 29 April 2016.
Programme: The complete #MCB16 programme, with an overview of all speakers, can be found on our website or in our flyers.
Streaming: On both days, all sessions on the MCB stages will be carried live by ALEX TV on Afterward, they will be available on our YouTube channel.
Press photos and text: All information on the programme and speakers, royalty-free press photos, and background information on the MCB can be found on our website.
Interviews: Just ask us, and we’ll do our best to set up interviews for you during #MCB16.
Press events: We’d like to invite you to two press events that will take place on the first day of #MCB16:
- Press conference: Winner announcement, Deutsche Welle’s The Bobs competition, 2 May 2016, 12:00, Cube. With The Bobs competition, Deutsche Welle honours outstanding work in support of press freedom and civil society on the Internet. The winner will be presented at the press conference.
- Background conversation with European Commissioner Günther Oettinger, 2 May 2016, 16:15, MCB-Leselounge. Following his appearance at MCB, Günther Oettinger will hold a background conversation to answer questions about the status and development of the European digital single market.

At MCB, national and international experts from the media, film, academic, and political spheres meet to discuss current media- and network-policy issues, market trends, and media-culture developments – all in an interdisciplinary, open, and discursive way. The conference pairs inspiring talks, discussions, and workshops with a unique mix of participants: start-up founders meet with global players, TV critics with game geeks, Net activists with artistic directors, bloggers with top editors, and media policymakers with developers.

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