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MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin 2016 Shines a Light on the Emerging Media Landscape

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  • #MCB16 topics: new market players and exploitation models, modern regulation and innovation strategies
  • “Digital philosopher of the hour” Luciano Floridi speaks about life in the infosphere, and will be joined in conversation with Edward Snowden via live link-up

Berlin/Potsdam – On 2 and 3 May 2016, about 150 national and international experts from the worlds of media, academia, and politics will meet with digital-economy decision-makers at MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin (#MCB16) to discuss current media- and Internet-policy issues, market trends, and media-culture developments. Digital visions, basic information rights, the challenges of regulation, and concrete distribution issues will all be topics of discussion.

The rapid development in market participants and exploitation models due to ongoing digitisation is one of the media industry’s most pressing topics today. New models of global and/or European licences are beginning to supersede approaches to distributing films and TV series which previously had been based on state borders. There is thus a need for modern regulatory guidelines, and the search is on. Digitisation has also long since come to affect every area of our lives: social relationships, academic research, internal security, media, and culture. This gives rise to new questions. How do we reconcile our desire to make the most of our digital opportunities with worries about sacrificing our privacy, the abuse of big data, and the power of global digital corporations? Do we need to rethink and be more alert about the way we position ourselves in terms of policy and regulation, in business and as consumers? There are no more easy answers. Varying models and approaches can often lead to success even in a single sector or market.

At #MCB16, important stakeholders will present their thoughts and solutions, and discuss the key issues driving the industry today. What strategies for growth and innovation should public and private broadcasters pursue in view of the increasing competition from online-only rivals such as Netflix and Amazon? What challenges and opportunities come with the advances being made by internal digital markets and global licences for content producers? What kind of legal foundations can be established that instead of ignoring digitisation, distribute its benefits equally for all providers and consumers. How can diversity continue to be ensured? MCB16 looks ahead to where this journey may lead.
Luciano Floridi and Edward Snowden on life in the infosphere

Luciano Floridi, a widely recognized expert on this issue, will speak at the beginning of #MCB16. Floridi, dubbed by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as “the digital philosopher of the hour”, is professor of philosophy and information ethics at Oxford, and is director of research at the Internet Institute there. He was a member of the expert advisory group that had been tasked by Google to explore the likely consequences of the 2014 ECJ judgment on the “right to be forgotten”. Last week, he was appointed by the EU to a high-level ethics commission addressing the issue of data security. In his recently published, widely acclaimed book, Floridi shows us to be in the midst of a fourth revolution that is changing our entire lives. Floridi argues that people are creating a new environment – the infosphere – in which the division between online and offline is increasingly disappearing.
At #MCB16, Floridi and other experts will examine the questions that arise on the threshold of the infosphere, on the interface between media and network policy, and from the use of media over the Internet. How does the digital age change the world we live in and our own self-image? What capabilities do we need in order to deal with machines that may well be smarter than us? What legal, democratic and ethical infrastructures do we need to ensure that technological progress in an unbounded world also produces social and cultural progress for the greatest possible number of people? Floridi will be joined in conversation with whistleblower Edward Snowden via live link-up.

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In recent years, the MCB has become one of the most important media conferences in Europe. National and international experts from the media, academic, and policy spheres meet with digital-economy decision-makers to discuss current media- and network-policy issues, market trends, and media-culture developments, all in an interdisciplinary, open, and discursive way. The conference is distinguished by its mix of inspiring talks, discussions, and workshops coupled with a unique mix of participants, in which start-up founders meet with global players, TV critics with game geeks, network activists with chairs of broadcasting corporations, bloggers with editors, and media policy-makers with developers.
For the third year in a row, MCB – hosted by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB) and Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) – will take place jointly with re:publica, one of the largest digital-culture conferences. Once again, about 7,000 visitors from more than 60 countries are expected to attend the two events at STATION-Berlin this year. The joint ticket allows attendance at both events – #MCB16 and #rpTEN.
Price – Standard: € 195, Reduced: € 99, ​​Business: € 640
In recent years, MCB speakers have included national and international figures such as Netflix founder Reed Hastings and ARD chairman Lutz Marmor, policymakers such as Parliamentary State Secretary Brigitte Zypries and Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz, media innovators such as YouTube star LeFloid and TV star Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, political activists such as Pussy Riot and The Yes Men, and media creators such as Stefan Niggemeier and Juliane Leopold.
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