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Medienboard funds 8 video art and film projects

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Press Release - November 23, 2016

Berlin/Potsdam - In its final round of funding for 2016, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg has granted more than 180.000 Euros to 8 experimental film projects that will be produced, developed or exhibited by film professionals and artists in the German capital region.

The biggest amount of funding went to Karim Aïnouz’s new project with the working title "Gateways" (Lupa Film, 60.000 €). Visual artist Haegue Yang and film director Eric Baudelaire are working together on their project called "Almost an Island" (Studio Haegue Yang, 30.000 €). Narimane Mari’s new project, an experimental film titled "Le Fort des Fous" (joon film, 30.000 €) is also being produced in Berlin-Brandenburg. Medienboard is also supporting Hiwa K’s new project "When Friedman conquered Sartre" (Hiwa K, 15.000 €) that deals with the existentialist scene in his home Kurdistan. "Deadpan" (Theodros Eshetu), a project directed by Theo Eshetu received 15.000 Euros. Additional films that will be produced with the support of the Medienboard are "Skulptur Projekte Münster" by Andreas Bunte (Schramm Film Koerner & Weber, 10.000 €), "Delphi Rationale" (Film Base Berlin, 10.000 €) by artist Philipp Lachenmann, as well as the new project of Liz Rosenfeld called "White Sands Crystal Foxes" (Amard Bird Films, 10.000 €).

Click here to see the entire list with all funded projects.

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