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Medienboard to fund 27 film projects with 6.4 million euros, recognising added cost for safety and hygiene as eligible for funding

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Even with little shooting happening at the moment due to coronavirus, planning stages for new projects are starting in larger numbers. In its 3rd film funding round in 2020, Medienboard promised funding of 6.4 million euros to 27 projects. The 12 projects receiving production funding include 3 high-end Berlin series, among others the 4th season of “Babylon Berlin”. We are also happy to report that shooting for “Uncharted” featuring a star cast will resume in Babelsberg shortly. Work on location had to be postponed due to the lockdown in March. Beyond that, screenplay projects by Lars Kraume, Soleen Yusef and David Wnendt will receive funding to make sure the cinema supply does not run out.

Safety first! Safety and hygiene measures eligible for funding!

Since shooting can only be carried out in accordance with strict safety and hygiene measures, and the Medienboard prioritises the safety of all employees on set, reasonable costs for hygiene measures are recognised as production costs eligible for funding.

The full funding list can be found here.


Babylon Berlin – 4th season | series

X Film | funding amount 1,700,000 euros

Direction & screenplay: Tom Tykwer, Achim von Borries, Henk Handloegten | cast: Volker Bruch, Liv Lisa Fries

Blackout | series

W&B Television | funding amount 1,000,000 euros

Direction: Lancelot von Naso, Oliver Rhis | screenplay: Lancelot von Naso, Kai-Uwe Hasenheit | cast: Moritz Bleibtreu

Glauben | series

MOOVIE | funding amount 900,000 euros

Direction: Daniel Prochaska | screenplay: Ferdinand von Schirach | cast: Peter Kurth


Studio Babelsberg | funding amount 750,000 euros

Direction: Ruben Fleischer | screenplay: Rafe Lee Judkins, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Dan Trachtenberg | cast: Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg

Medicus 2

UFA Fiction | funding amount 600,000 euros

Direction: Katja von Garnier | screenplay: Stewart Harcourt, Jan Berger and Marc O. Seng | cast: Tom Payne

Der Russe ist einer, der Birken liebt

Augenschein | funding amount 250,000 euros

Direction: Pola Beck | screenplay: Pola Beck, Burkhardt Wunderlich | cast: Aylin Tezel

Der Pfad

eyrie entertainment | funding amount 200,000 euros

Direction: Tobias Wiemann | screenplay: Rüdiger Bertram, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen | cast: Julius Weckauf


Sonne und Beton

Seven Elephants | funding amount 50,000 euros

Direction and screenplay: David Wnendt


zero | funding amount 35,000 euros

Direction and screenplay: Lars Kraume | cast: Daniel Brühl

Sieger sein

DCM pictures | funding amount 30,000 euros

Direction and screenplay: Soleen Yusef


Wunderschön (Karoline Herfurth), Warner Bros. Entertainment, 80,000 euros || Suicide Tourist (Jonas Alexander Arnby), DCM Film, 50,000 euros || Lieber Thomas (Andreas Kleinert), Wild Bunch, 50,000 euros || Räuberhände (Ilker Catak), Salzgeber Medien, 30,000 euros || Yalda (Massoud Bakhshi), Little Dreams, 20,000 euros || Exil (Visar Morina), Alamode, 15,000 euros

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