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New media funding: Medienboard support series, games and VR content with roughly one million euros

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"Koloss", "Spaceboys", "Symphony of Now" & "WE/R"

Berlin/Potsdam – Creativity post-crisis: in its third funding round in 2020, Medienboard is funding 9 series formats and 4 games as well as VR projects. Among them are VR experiences and multi-player games as well as series on historical murder cases and Berlin's music and comedian scene, and an Instagram series about a mysterious horror trip. Three development funding grants were awarded in the area of serial entertainment for one gaming show, one prank show and one rap battle show.

Helge Jürgens, Medienboard managing director for new media funding: “Berlin-Brandenburg's series creators as well as games and VR developers create innovative content and new opportunities for entertainment and storytelling even in unusual times. Once again, the projects of this funding round demonstrate the creative ideas the industry has to offer. It’s a thriving industry which we intend to continue to support at this location. The show must go on!”

An overview of the projects:

The VR experience “Myriad VR” by (development and production 150,000 euros) takes us to the world of the animals and follows their journey on global migration routes. It shows us an earth without borders and also the shattering realisation of its condition under massive human impact.

The VR location-based multi-player game “Koloss” (“Colossus”) gives up to 4 players the perspective of a lightning bolt-wielding titan attempting to raze an opponent’s castle as a team. The battle arena experience for friends and families of Breakpoint One is funded with 80,000 euros.

In “Flora”, players create a virtual flower garden in short daily sessions. The aim of the game is to complete photo galleries with various types of flowers. It Matters Games, nominated for the German Computer Game Award 2020 for its most recent game “Arbo”, receives development and production funding to the tune of 100,000 euros.

In the mobile game “Rabbits vs. UFOs”, creative bunnies find themselves in an invasion by wacky space wolves. Development and production of the humorous family game by Anteater Games is funded with 80,000 euros.

The series “COLD CASE: HISTORY” examines famous murder cases of the past, retells them as cyber murder mysteries and has spectators physically experience them at a virtual crime scene. The production by STORY HOUSE Productions for ZDF/Arte is funded with 100,000 euros.

A promising DJ career awaits the “Spaceboys”, two friends from the backwoods catapulted into Berlin’s music business by a viral hit, who have to put their friendship to the test. The series (Pantaleon Films) production by creator Niels Reinhard for Joyn receives 275,000 euros.

The Instagram series “WE/R” by Jette Volland has users experience how an unforgettable party weekend for a Berlin group of friends suddenly turns into a mysterious horror trip (Junique Productions, production 69,000 euros).

“Musikszene Berlin” (“Berlin music scene”, working title -- Die Arbeiter Film- und Werbeproduktion, production 30,000 euros) features musicians from Berlin and Brandenburg providing documentary insights into their working and living spheres as changed by the coronavirus.

The series “Bombing in Berlin” (Gaumont) by Israeli comedian and director Ori Halevy portrays the diverse and international stand-up comedy scene of Berlin. Development of the series is funded with 40,000 euros.

“Symphony of Now” introduces the electronic music scene of exciting 21st-century metropolises. Each episode is an audiovisual love letter of various persons to their native cities. In the first episode, Pappel Studios presents Berlin’s techno scene (development 40,000 euros).

Furthermore, three serial show formats are funded with a total of 32,600 euros in cooperation with RTL. “Die Player” (“The Players”) is a games show by Streamwerke, in which celebrities have to prove themselves in the world of e-sports with professional support. In the prank show format “Fürchte Dich” (“Be Afraid”) by Schurkenstart Film, unwitting candidates must overcome their personal fears to win. In the rap battle show “Bordsteinkings” (“Kerbstone kings”) by Neue Stereo Filmproduktion, upcoming rappers are battling each other at scene hot spots.

Overview of all funding decisions

Next submission date for innovative audiovisual content and serial formats: 6 October 2020.

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