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New Media is putting together big funding package in December: 23 series, games, VR and multi-platform projects will be supported with around 1.2 million euros

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1,2 Mio. Euro für neue Projekte aus der Hauptstadtregion, darunter das Game "The Great Sassanelli", das Game "The Last Whale Singer" (Teil einer Storyworld aus Game, Animationsfilm, Serie und VR-Experience), die Serie "Flatmates"

Big funding finale at the end of the year: With new games, series, VR and multi-platform projects from the capital region, things are getting artful and informative, exciting and playful! In its fifth funding round in 2020, Medienboard supported 23 projects with 1,189,500 euros. Political and historical content in particular, zeitgeist topics and female-driven stories stand out.
Helge Jürgens, Medienboard managing director for new media funding: “The new projects won us over with strong content, innovative storytelling and exciting cross-platform approaches. 6 series, 3 VR and 2 multi-platform projects as well as 12 games will receive funding. Just how successful “Games Made in Berlin-Brandenburg & Funded by Medienboard” are is demonstrated by the 15 nominations for 7 MBB-funded games at the German Developers’ Award. And we want to continue to support that!”
The projects at a glance:

Serial Formats

  • "0816" (Czar Film)
  •  "Death in the Baltic Sea" (Berlin Producers Media)
  •  "Flatmates" (Friday Film)
  •  "Mora und Sora" (Wolkenlenker)


  •  "Zu Gast bei James Simon" (Lupa Film)
  • "Tales of the March" (Daring House)


  • "#Mychoice" (Vice Media)
  • "Menschen im Kapitalismus" (Time Prints)


  • "The Last Whale Singer: Rise of the Leviathan" (Telescope Animation)
  •  "Dino Bash: Travel thru time"  (pokoko Studio)
  •  "Shadow of Conspiracy – Section 2" (Elysium Game Studio)
  • "SPQR – Crime Stories in Ancient Rome" (it Matters Games)
  • "Lose Control" (Play From Your Heart)
  •  "Wagon Train to the Stars" (Ido Yehieli)
  • "Oddada" (Sven Ahlgrimm)
  • "Thomas Merritt’s Cabinet of Curiosities" (GameExPro)
  • "The Great Sassanelli" (Forking Paths Gardening Interactive)
  • "Drei Frauen" (Fein)
  • "Alle Bauen Mit – ABM" (Mobile Monsters)
  • "Micro Card Battler" (Hammer Slammer Games)

Canadian German Digital Media Incentive
"The Last Whale Singer – The Series" (Telescope Animation)
 "The Matriarx" (Sinnema Animation Studio, Berlin & Arcana Studio, Burnaby)
 "Artificio"  (Berliner Kloos & Co. Medien with FAITS DIVERS MEDIA)

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