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Spot on! Medienboard funds new projects by Detlev Buck, Terrence Malick, Christian Alvart and many more

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Spot on! Medienboard funds new projects by Detlev Buck, Terrence Malick, Christian Alvart and many more

Berlin/Potsdam - In its third annual round of funding, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg has granted more than 4.7 million Euros to 37 projects that will be produced, developed or distributed by film professionals in the capital region.

Production funding for national and international films
The biggest amount of funding went to Detlev Buck’s new movie Gorillas, a fictional drama about a young man who wants to break free from his gangster boss (Olga Film, 800.000 Euro). Palme d’Or winner Terrence Malick is also coming to Berlin-Brandenburg for his next movie: Radegunddeals with the history of the Austrian resistance fighter Franz Jägerstätter and will be partially shot in Babelsberg (Studio Babelsberg, 400.000 Euro). Christian Alvart’s new project, a psychological thriller titled Abgeschnitten is also in the production pipeline. It tells the story of a pathologist who finds clues about his daughter’s disappearance in one of the dead bodies he performs an autopsy on (Ziegler Film, 400.000 Euro). Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg is also supporting Josef Bierbichler’s new project Mittelreich that tells the story of a Bavarian tavern-owning family over the course of several decades (X Filme Creative Pool, 400.000 Euro). Die Braschs a documentary feature directed by Annekatrin Hendel received 80.000 Euros (IT WORKS! Medien). Additional films that will be produced with the support of the Medienboard are the German comedy feature Willkommen bei den Hartmanns by Simon Verhoeven (Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion, 300.000 Euro), the animated children’s movie Der kleine Rabe Socke 3 - Die Suche nach dem verlorenen Schatz (Akkord Film Produktion, 200.000 Euro) as well as the new project of Golden Lion winner Roy Andersson titled About Endlessness (Essential Filmproduktion, 100.000 Euro). Also on the list is the Norwegian-Pakistani filmmaker Iram Haq with her feature film What Will People Say (Rohfilm Factory, 100.000 Euro).

(Series) Development
Benjamin Heisenberg and Josef Lechner received funding to develop their series Vor dem Fest (Schramm Film Koerner & Weber, 40.000 Euro), likewise Gavin Harris and Christian Krüger who are writing a thriller series called Black Box Berlin (Bavaria Fernsehproduktion Berlin, 30.000 Euro). In addition, Iranian author Sina Ataeian Dena will be supported in developing her drama Mahmood (Bon Voyage Films, 10.000 Euro), along with Ansgar Ahlers, who is working on the tragicomedy The Indian Way (forseesense, 20.000 Euro).

(Soon) On Screen
Last but not least, 11 new features will be released with the distribution support of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Among others, these include Fatih Akin‘s roadmovie Tschick (Studiocanal, 100.000 Euro), Karoline Herfurth‘s romantic comedySMS für dich(Warner Bros. Entertainment, 100.000  Euro), Franziska Buch’s children’s film Conni & Co(Warner Bros. Entertainment, 100.000  Euro), Maren Ade’s Cannes-sensation Toni Erdmann (NFP marketing & distribution 25.000 Euro), and Cordula Kablitz-Post‘s Biopic Lou Andreas-Salomé (Senator Film Verleih, 25.000 Euro).

Altogether 80 applications requesting a total amount of 15.7 million Euros were received in this year’s third funding session.

Click here to see the entire list with all funded projects.