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Strong start into the funding year: Medienboard supports 9 innovative audio-visual productions with 670,000 euros and awards the highest individual grant for a game to date with 180,000 euros

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Press release of 27 February 2019

Berlin/Potsdam – Medienboard has awarded 670,000 euros to 9 projects during its first funding round for innovative audio-visual content in 2019. Among them is the sequel to the successful “Sea of Solitude” with 180,000 euros: “Sands of Sorrow” by Jo-Mei Games received the largest individual sum of the program so far.

Further grants: “Dino-Dino”, the new children’s app by bildundtonfabrik; text messages by Alexander von Humboldt in the chat format “Hier kommt Alex” (“Here comes Alex”), playing and reforestation with “Arbo” and the first funded Snapchat format “Vice snappt bunt” (“Vice snaps in colour”).

Helge Jürgens, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg managing director: “The Berlin-Brandenburg gaming industry is becoming increasingly professional. We have noticed this, among other things, due to rising production budgets, but also through the fact that companies are growing and we are now in a situation where we already support the odd sequel to a successful game. The capital region is developing into one of the most innovative development locations for games both nationally and internationally.”

With “Sands of Sorrow” (180,000 euros) the Berlin studio Jo-Mei is once again developing a narrative game, which deals with emotional, deeply human themes in a metaphorical world. While its visuals are just as impressive as those of prequel “Sea of Solitude” (which has since paid back its grant to Medienboard and has been distributed by international publisher EA), Jo-Mei is adding a twist this time by trying to awaken the fairy tales genre from its 100-year sleep. “Sands of Sorrow” is a modern fairy tale with a highly contemporary topic which appeals to everyone. The worldwide release is planned for PC and consoles.

“Hitchhiker – Growing Pains” (Mad About Pandas, 60,000 euros) tells the coming-of-age story of a teenager who, during a car journey through a surreal mix of Berlin and Florida Keys, deals with his feelings, desires and fears. With a serious yet simultaneously humorous, dreamy and strong visual style, the game deals with the important issues of everyday life. The implementation is planned for PC and for a PC VR version; later on it is also intended to appear on consoles.

“Madlife” (Flow Fire Games, 100,000 euros) which promises strategic challenges in the style of 1980s post-apocalypse films, transports players to an unknown world. Starting with a small settlement, the players create a desert fortress with turrets, walls or mines, which they have to protect against external threats and enemy clans. The resulting missions and playing styles provide excitement, creative playing fun and a pinch of humour. The game is planned for PC and consoles.

“Arbo” (it Matters Games, 80,000 euros) is a meditative video game for mobile devices which invites the player to take care of a virtual plant. This plant must be cultivated over an extended period of time until it develops into a magnificent tree which attracts more and more new forest dwellers. The game’s main attraction is its charitable aspect: “Arbo” supports charitable projects that engage in reforestation and the protection of nature.

“Sunset Bay” (Rote Sonne Ventures, 40,000 euros) is a VR-experience for individual relaxation and meditation. In the app, the user floats in the direction of the sea during sunset. Music and colours are calming and comforting, abstract works of art move around in the sky. The release is planned for the Oculus Quest amongst others.

The “Immersive Experience for Tourism and Culture” (Interlake Media & La Siala Entertainment, 40,000 euros) is a 3-minute mixed-reality experience designed to explore the possibilities of VR and AR for the tourism industry. The project is being developed in participation with the support of the Volucap Studios, the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts as well as other companies from Berlin and Brandenburg. It is scheduled to be displayed, among other events, at the World Tourism Forum in Switzerland in May.

Right-wing populists have joined forces to form an international network, which persistently pursues one objective: to destroy the EU and liberal society. “Vice snappt bunt” (“Vice snaps in colour”, Vice Media, 50,000 euros) is a community-based Snapchat format designed to introduce a younger target group to this topic, encourage self-reflection and help them categorise content. Pre-produced editions are planned along with short-notice reactions to current events (e.g. protests in Chemnitz) or live streams – always through direct interaction with the users.

News from the games department of the bildundtonfabrik: In the app “Dino-Dino” (btf, 70,000 euros) for children between the ages of 3 and 6, everything revolves around the world of dinosaurs. The focus is on child-friendly design and scientific accuracy. As the players feed dinosaurs, dig up fossils or paint skin and plumage, they learn things about the way of life of the animals and their significance in the greater system of life. Illustrator Benjamin Denkert, who also designed the highly-acclaimed character designs and concept artwork for the MBB-funded game “Trüberbrook”, is responsible for the drawings.

Messages from the legendary nature researcher and scientific pioneer Alexander von Humboldt are soon going to be available directly on mobile phones. “Hier kommt Alex” (“Here Comes Alex”, Chapter One Media, 50,000 euros) is the name of a chat format in which the user has the opportunity to accompany Humboldt on his legendary travels to Mexico, Cuba or Colombia for 30 days and to talk with him via Whatsapp and Telegram. The chat format is supplemented by Germany’s first Insta-novel.

All funding results can be viewed here

Next submission deadline for innovative audio-visual content: 16 April 2019

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