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Games, VR projects and series to receive over 1 million in new media funding: MBB to award 300,000 euros for a game for the first time

ROAMance (Medea Film Factory), COLD CASE 2 (Story House Productions) und Ocean (Jo Mei)

Press Release, 27. September 2021

Berlin/Potsdam - Medienboard’s new media funding is subsidising a total of 15 games, VR projects and serial formats with 1.1 million euros. In the games sector, a game received funding to the tune of roughly 300,000 euros for the first time.
Helge Jürgens, Medienboard managing director for new media funding:
“The games location Berlin-Brandenburg is booming and the volume of applications is increasing, also in terms of quality. Thanks to the combination of state and federal funding, we are able to support not only up-and-coming projects but also, for the first time, a larger game with 300,000 euros. In addition, we are once again promoting exciting serial formats – including two promising projects with RTL Deutschland.”


  • "The Fall“ (High Road Stories, 30.000 Euro Entwicklungsförderung)
  • "Maus VR“ (Reynard Films, 50.000 Euro Produktionsförderung)
  • "ROAMance“ (MEDEA FILM FACTORY, 100.000 Euro Entwicklungs- und Produktionsförderung)


  • "Automaton Workshop“ (Mad about Pandas, 150.000 Euro Produktionsförderung)
  • "OCEAN" (Jo-Mei, 300.000 Euro Produktionsförderung)
  • "Driftwood (AT)“ (Suspicious Luggage, 63.000 Euro Produktionsförderung)
  • "A Tongue Like A Sword (ATLAS)“ (Dexai Arts, 30.000 Euro Produktionsförderung)
  • "Wagon Train to the Stars“ (Stellar Cartography Interactive, 74.000 Euro Produktionsförderung)
  • "Planet B“ (Mostly Harmless Games, 70.000 Euro Entwicklungs- und Produktionsförderung)

Serial Formats

  • "Völlig losgelöst" (ANDERTHALB Medienproduktion GmbH, 17.000 Euro Entwicklungsförderung)
  • #fressefreiheit (Bandenfilm, 18.000€ Entwicklungsförderung)
  • "MINTs" (Flute Film, 80.000 Euro Entwicklungsförderung und Pilot)
  • "Cold Case" (Story House Productions, 100.000 Euro Produktionsförderung)

In the frame of the broadcasting cooperation with RTL Germany 2 serial Formats were funded in development:

  • "Go West!" (Starship Film, 10.200 Euro Entwicklungsförderung)
  • "Vermisst, Vergraben, Vergessen" (Looks Filmproduktionen, 5.000 Euro Entwicklungsförderung), as outcome of "Berlin Producers To Meet"

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