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New media funding: Series, games, VR and multi-platform content – Medienboard supports 8 projects with roughly half a million euros

"Kusunda", "Fairies Ultra", "Another Where"

New year, new content: the first 2020 new media funding round supports 8 projects with 482,000 euros, among them the 3rd season of “Wir sind jetzt” (“We Are Now”), the new game by the creators of “Through the Darkest of Times”, “The Darkest Files” as well as two 2019 German Computer Game Awards winners.

Helge Jürgens, Medienboard managing director for new media funding: “The 2020s are starting out successfully and creatively! We are happy to report new series ideas and continuations of established formats as well as innovative digital VR games and multi-platform projects. Berlin-Brandenburg’s developer scene is varied and productive. We intend to further boost this innovative spirit in the new Medienboard decade in the new media sector!”

An overview of the projects:

The new game by Paintbucket Games, “The Darkest Files” is a mixture of strategy role play and visual novel. Players attempt to solve Nazi crimes as federal prosecutors in the post war Federal Republic (Paintbucket Games, 110,000 euros production).

The adventure game “Another Where” (Invert Normal, 70,000 euros development) puts players into an abandoned metropolis which invites them to explore with its fascinating visualisation. To reach the centre of the city, they must face the only survivors: giant, indestructible machines. The game received the concept award for young talent of the German Computer Game Awards in 2019 (2nd place) as a project of HTW Berlin.

The children’s app “Meander Books” (Marlene Käseberg, 40,000 euros production) is also a HTW Berlin project and a GCGA winner in the young talent prototype category (2nd place). “Meander Books”’ unique feature is its so-called three-dimensional storytelling which lets little users become part of the story.

“HandsOn” (VICE Media, 60,000 euros production) is an interactive multi-platform project which intends to explain measures for climate protection to the young Instagram and Snapchat target group in an entertaining way and to make existing democracy tools accessible to them at eye level.

The documentary VR experience “Kusunda” (NowHere Media, 75,000 euros production) has users meet 84-year-old protagonist Gyani Maiya Sen, one of the last Kusunda speakers in Nepal.

“Wir sind jetzt” (“We Are Now”) will receive a 3rd season (Producers at Work, 47,000 euros development). Medienboard supports the development of the continuation of the coming-of-age series with Lisa-Marie Koroll for RTL II.

“Fairies Ultra” (Jana Pallaske in co-production with Port au Prince Film & Kulturproduktion, 50,000 euros development) is a funded fantasy series set in Berlin’s modern metropolitan jungle.

The docu-series “Wunderbare Wrestling Welt” (“Wonderful Wrestling World”, pqpp2, 30,000 euros production) will contemplate the world of wrestling in a 1980s retro look.

Overview of all funding decisions

Next submission date for innovative audiovisual content and serial formats: 11 February 2020.

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