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06-07-23 Series

Film Commission Free service and information about filming in Berlin-Brandenburg: for a film-friendly region. Creative Europe Media The Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg is one of 4 MEDIA

06-07-23 Film

Welcome to Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany's no. 1 film location! Project and material development funding Cinema film production funding Distribution funding Television production funding High-end

27-06-23 Team

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg is the main institution for the film and media industry in the German capital region, represents Berlin-Brandenburg as a key media location at markets and festivals

21-06-23 Immersive

Creative Europe Media Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg is one of 4 MEDIA information offices in Germany and the contact for the Creative Europe program to promote the creative and cultural

09-06-23 Management

Helge Jürgens New-Media-Funding Helge Jürgens is Medienboard's CEO of New Media Funding. A business-administration graduate, Jürgens has held leadership roles in the film and TV industry for more

31-05-23 Games

medianet berlin brandenburg e.V. medianet berlinbrandenburg e.V. is a networking association for the media, creative and digital industries. medianet works together with the network’s members,

24-05-23 Film

Development Cinema film production Distribution Television production High-end series Digital film production Experimental film Up-and-coming film Festival presentation

23-05-23 Social Startups VYVYT Innovations and KINDA receive Startbüro Babelsberg Scholarship 2023

STARTBÜRO BABELSBERG opens its doors to promising new teams. This year, for the first time, they will move into the rooms of the Collection Building - surrounded by the researchers of the Creative

02-05-23 Canada Germany Digital Media Incentive

MBB and Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced the reopening of their incentive for the codevelopment and coproduction of digital media projects between Canadian producers and German producers based in

12-04-23 Gamescom Reception

Gamescom in Cologne is the biggest trade fair and event worldwide for interactive games and entertainment. Berlin-Brandenburg’s games sector showcases its products here at a joint stand and with

Search results 1 until 10 of 96