Interactive and Innovative

  • Games

    The Games industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Germany’s capital region. Medienboard funds high-quality and marketable games for all genres. This includes both casual games and AAA titles, encompassing debut productions from young game developers as well as established companies’ projects.

  • Multiplatform Content

    Various media and distribution platforms are converging to an ever greater extent. Cross-media formats often produce innovative new approaches. Medienboard thus supports multiplatform entertainment, transmedia storytelling and new distribution models which cross borders between different media types.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

    Virtual and augmented reality are no longer simply science-fiction visions. Hardware is available, and the market potential for associated content and applications is huge. The demand for virtual- and augmented-reality content will grow strongly in the near future. Medienboard was Germany’s first funding institution to provide targeted support for the development and implementation of applications in these areas. 

  • Apps and Games for Children

    No reason to fear digital content for the littlest ones! Children today grow up with digital media. Interactive, child-friendly apps for smartphones and tablets, and educational games for computers and mobile devices are therefore an important element of media socialisation. The Medienboard provides funding for promising projects by developers in this field.


    Mit dem Pilotprogramm DIGI.TALE fördert das Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg gemeinsam mit der Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF und der dffb studentische narrative Inhalte mit innovativem und experimentellem Charakter. Genre, Format, Länge oder Distributionskanäle sind dabei nicht vorgegeben.

Innovative Audiovisual Content

As an important component of a cutting-edge audiovisual culture, the Medienboard supports the development and production of innovative audiovisual content. The programme aims to motivate creative companies in the digital sector as well as traditional content producers to invest in innovative and interactive content such as games, multiplatform content, virtual and augmented reality. 

Funded IAI projects


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Funded Projects

Film Start Date:
  • Sea of Solitude

    Film Start Date: 05.07.2019

    Director: Jo-Mei Games

    Rental: Electronic Arts Germany

  • Lost Ember

    Film Start Date:

    Director: Mooneye Studios

    Rental: Mooneye Studios

  • Curious Expedition 2

    Film Start Date:

    Director: Maschinen-Mensch

    Rental: Thunderful

  • The Curious Expedition

    Film Start Date:

    Director: Maschinen-Mensch

    Rental: Maschinen-Mensch

  • Behind the Scenes bei "Trüberbrook"

    Film Start Date: 05.09.2017

    Director: Medienboard

    Rental: Medienboard

  • Game "Lonely Mountains: Downhill"

    Film Start Date: 19.05.2017

    Director: Megagon Industries

    Rental: Megagon Industries

  • Game "Fightlings"

    Film Start Date: 11.07.2017

    Director: Thoughtfish GmbH

    Rental: Thoughtfish GmbH

  • Game "The Inner World - Der Letzte Windmönch"

    Film Start Date: 17.05.2017

    Director: StudioFizbin

    Rental: StudioFizbin

  • Die Superkühe

    Film Start Date: 04.09.2017

    Director: Chapter One

    Rental: Chapter One

  • Kinder-App "Rudi Regenbogen"

    Film Start Date: 24.06.2017

    Director: Hello November

    Rental: Hello November

  • Game "Future Unfolding"

    Film Start Date: 23.02.2017

    Director: Spaces of Play

    Rental: Spaces of Play

  • Game "Phoning Home"

    Film Start Date: 07.02.2017

    Director: ION LANDS

    Rental: ION LANDS

  • 10 Jahre "Innovative Audiovisuelle Inhalte"

    Film Start Date: 27.10.2016

    Director: Medienboard/Antonia Dedenbach

    Rental: Medienboard