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New producer study confirms: Berlin is the no. 1 film location!

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Berlin boasts the highest cinema production volume and is Germany’s most attractive location

Berlin/Potsdam – The greatest number of cinema films is produced in the capital region. This is the result of the new producer study by the Hamburg Media School. With 7,653 shooting minutes in Berlin alone, the film location is way ahead of other German shooting locations, and this is before adding the production volume of Studio Babelsberg and UFA, who are located in Brandenburg – followed by Bavaria with 4,326 shooting minutes. 

Furthermore, Berlin is still significantly ahead of Munich, Hamburg and Cologne when it comes to the most important location factors such as personnel availability and costs, rent and living costs. The capital region is also untouched in terms of shooting locations, internationality and the connection to other cultural and creative industries.

Medienboard managing director Kirsten Niehuus: "With roughly 5,000 shooting days per year, Berlin-Brandenburg is among the most sought-after shooting locations in Europe. Besides availability, the high degree of professionalism in our crews makes the difference. The capital region offers the whole deal with a nearly inexhaustible spectrum of shooting locations, stories and a cosmopolitan, film-friendly metropolis."

Besides the constant demand for cinema film shoots, series shooting has been increasing significantly. "Babylon Berlin", "Berlin Station", "Dogs of Berlin", "Beat", "4 Blocks", "Dark" and "You are Wanted" all take place in and around Berlin, which means roughly 100 shooting days per series. The fact that the capital region is well-received by audiences is also documented by the new study: in 2007, the mammoth project "Babylon Berlin", funded by the Medienboard, was among the most-viewed productions across all international content offered on the Sky platform. The crime series “You are Wanted”, also a funding recipient, entered the top 10 of all content offered on Amazon Prime Videos.

Link to producer study!

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