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It’s funding summertime for new projects by Theresa von Eltz, Florian Gottschick, for season 2 of “Bad Banks” ... and for world cinema by Haifaa Al Mansour & Kaan Müjdeci

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Good news for series aficionados: Bad Banks (REAL FILM Berlin, EUR 500,000) – the extremely exciting series from the colourful world of investment banking – continues! Season 2 is promising new conflicts, new intrigues, new caprioles – with the “old” cast: Paula Beer, Désirée Nosbusch, Tobias Moretti and Barry Atsma will be in front of the camera for the continuation, also in Berlin. 

World cinema at its finest: Haifaa Al Mansour, who directed the first Saudi-Arabian long feature film – “Wadjda” – and ran in the 2012 Venice competition, is once again taking aim at her homeland’s society in “The Perfect Candidate” (Razor Filmproduktion, EUR 300,000). In the comedy, female Saudi medical doctor Maryam is running for city parliament to properly shake up the male domain. 

Kaan Müjdeci, who received the Special Jury Prize 2014 in Venice for his debut film “Sivas”, is letting a city play a game in “Iguana Tokyo” (Bon Voyage Films, EUR 250,000): Tokyo has fallen for the virtual reality game “M2” which is spreading envy and discord.

From mobbing on the job to an identity crisis: In “Exil” (Komplizen Film, EUR 200,000), Visar Morina, who received an award for his feature-length film debut “Father”, is gauging the trials and tribulations of a foreign engineer in Germany.

New from up-and-coming female and male directors: Subsequent to her “Love Movie”, which will have its world première at the 36th Munich Film Fest, Emma Rosa Simon is once again focusing on “L'Amour” (BASIS Berlin Filmproduktion, EUR 80,000) – this time in a documentary film with fictional elements. She is reinterpreting the story of Romeo and Juliet with adolescents from a Parisian banlieue. Subsequent to the award-winning mystery dram “Bright Night”, Florian Gottschick, in “The Conference of the Birds” (bittersuess pictures, EUR 200,000) is telling the story of the search of a/his restless generation for a piece of home in the world of sheer endless life plans. The exciting cast: Jella Haase, Maryam Zaree, Nik Xhelilaj and Alina Levshin. 

Family cinema at its best: Theresa von Eltz, award-winning of her directing debut “4 Kings”, is directing “Ostwind – Aris Ankunft” (“East Wind – Ari’s Arrival” – SamFilm, EUR 160,000). Part 5 of the successful cinema series is providing all kinds of adventure (not just) for horse-mad girls. The cute dragon, Hector, from the “Lilly the Witch” cinema hits is becoming independent! In “Hector Coming Home” (TRIXTER, EUR 100,000) by Jan Stoltz, is arriving at home in the dragon world, meeting his the love of his adolescent years, Mica, and revealing a family secret.  

Thrill by & with Detlev Buck: In “Hatz” (“Hunt” – DCM Pictures, EUR 250,000) a young couple encounters a group of men who are about to execute somebody. 

...and documentary film: Acclaimed director Thomas Bamlés, who bewildered a huge audience with “Babies”, is back and – in “Happiness II” (zero one film, EUR 110,000) – portrays a teenage monk between tradition and the modern in the kingdom of Bhutan. 

Great anticipation of theatrical releases! Til Schweiger is coming to the big screens with the buddy comedy “Klassentreffen 1.0 – Die unglaubliche Reise der Silberrücken” (“Class Reunion 1.0 – The Incredible Journey of the Silver Backs” – Warner Bros, EUR 100,000), Markus Goller rolls along with his road movie “25 km/H” (Sony Pictures Entertainment, EUR 100,000) featuring Bjarne Mädel and Lars Eidinger, and Oscar winner Caroline Link determines – based on the best-seller by Hape Kerkeling – that “Der Junge muss an die frische Luft” (“The boy needs some fresh air” – Warner Bros. Entertainment, EUR 100,000). Also coming to cinemas is the war drama “Foxtrot” (NFP marketing & distribution, EUR 30,000) by Samuel Maoz which was awarded the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival. The Media Board is funding the rental of 9 films with a total of EUR 525,000. 

For the 3rd funding session 2018, 59 applications with a total amount of EUR 8.6 million were submitted. 

The list of all funding decisions is available here

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