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Let the spring film season begin! Medienboard funds new projects from Caroline Link, Katja von Garnier and colleagues Til Schweiger, Dani Levy & Lars Kraume

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Let the spring film season begin! We’re looking forward to fresh projects from Caroline Link, Katja von Garnier, Anne Zohra Berrached & Vanessa Jopp, and colleagues Til Schweiger, Dani Levy & Lars Kraume.

Potsdam/Berlin – In its first funding round for 2018, the Medienboard awarded a total of around €7.6 million to 43 projects.

A number of big films by women are heading for the camera. Oscar winner Caroline Link is adapting Judith Kerr’s bestselling children’s book When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (Als Hitler das rose Kaninchen stahl) (Sommerhaus Filmproduktion, €650,000), about a young Jewish girl who flees from Berlin with her family to escape the Nazis. Following her acclaimed Berlinale Competition entry “24 Weeks,” Anne Zohra Berrached is now tackling the love story of Asli and boyfriend Ziad Jarrah, one of the 9/11 hijackers, in the drama Die Frau des Piloten (Razor Film Produktion, €300,000). In her romantic comedy Gut gegen Nordwind (Komplizen Film, €300,000), Vanessa Jopp examines what can develop out of a digital flirtation that begins with a misdirected email. Sophie Kluge focuses on a delayed transition to adulthood with her tragicomedy Golden Twenties (Amerikafilm, €200,000), in which a young woman searching for a way forward begins a turbulent relationship with an actor. Script development for Bandits 2 (AT) (Unicorn Pictures, €30,000) is already fully underway. Here, Katja von Garnier is reuniting her musical crime heroines 20 years after their first appearance.

Dani Levy is filming Kreuzberg cabaret artist Marc-Uwe Kling’s Die Känguru-Chroniken (X Filme Creative Pool Entertainment, €800,000) in – where else?! – the capital city. Kling’s stories about an impudent, radical left-wing marsupial have long drawn a nationwide community of fans. In the big-screen comedy version, the kangaroo and his fellow renters and comrades-in-arms from the Villa Kunterbunt in Kreuzberg come up against a right-wing-populist real-estate shark.

Til Schweiger touched millions of moviegoers with his Alzheimer's drama “Honig im Kopf”. Now the director is preparing Honey in the Head (Barefoot Films, €600,000), a Hollywood remake starring Nick Nolte and Matt Dillon! After books, audiobooks, TV series and big-screen adventures, Robert Thalheim is filming a new version of children’s detective classic TKKG (Kundschafter Filmproduktion, €400,000) for the big screen – with Milan Peschel, among others. In the David Dietl comedy Rate your Date (AT, The Amazing Film Company, €900,000), four Berlin friends develop a (hopefully functional) app designed to eliminate nasty dating surprises. Nilam Farooq, Edin Hasanovic and Marc Benjamin venture into love’s tangled pathways in this Seven Pictures co-production.

There’s plenty of drama and action ahead in series productions, too. In the second season of the U.S. series Counterpart (Einundvierzigste Babelsberg Film, €500,000), Berlin again serves as the setting for wild spy stories starring Oscar winner J.K. Simmons. Shifting the spotlight from the capital city to Weimar, Lars Kraume is shooting Anna Maria Mühe in Eine Frau am Bauhaus (zero one film, €800,000), a six-part TV series about the Weimar Republic’s legendary architecture and design school.

New scripts and works in progress: Philipp Stölzl is preparing Frankenstein (AT) (Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion, €28,000), while David Wnendt is tackling Drachentochter, a coming-of-age drama set in East Germany in the 1950s (Mafilm, €30,000).

More big-screen fare: Direct from Berlinale, Lars Kraume’s East-German resistance drama The Silent Revolution (Das schweigende Klassenzimmer) (Studiocanal, €80,000) is now in theatres. In addition, Josef Bierbichler’s family epic Zwei Herren im Anzug (X Verleih, €40,000), Christian Alvart’s thriller Steig.Nicht.Aus (NFP marketing & distribution, €30,000), and David Sieveking’s documentary Eingeimpft (farbfilm verleih, 20,000 Euro), about the pros and cons of vaccination, are all opening soon. The Medienboard is providing a total of €360,000 in distribution funding for 15 films.

In sum, 89 applications were submitted for the year’s first funding round, seeking a total amount of around €18.2 million.

A list of all funding decisions can be found here.

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