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Medienboard funded four serial formats and three projects from the area of innovative audiovisual content at a total of 374,000 euros

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New media funding at the end of the year: superheroes, anime action heroes and brand new parents promise new entertaining serial formats and innovative audiovisual content

Berlin/Potsdam – The Medienboard funded four serial formats and three projects from the area of innovative audiovisual content in its last new media funding round in 2018 at a total of 374,000 euros.

The heroes Croissant, Pit and Rino from the German anime action series “Fast Heroes Sixty” by Woodblock (38,000 euros, production funding) will enter a new round. The superpowered friends and proud owners of “Pax Pizza Palace” face a tough challenge in the fight against their nemesis Nick Circle. The short episodes satirise common anime clichés; they premiere on Rocket Beans TV in the video game show “Game Two”.

With 95,000 euros in production funding, the Medienboard supports “Deadlines”, the new comedy series by Turbokultur. “Deadlines” is a bawdily humorous modern feminist web series with comedian and influencer Ines Anioli as the lead. She plays a millennial whose life is turned upside down following the death of her best friend – because said friend has passed her eggs on to Ines. Suddenly, she is not only faced with her grief, but also with the big questions of life.

Tony Finelly, protagonist of TV sitcom “The Finellis” by Marjan Content Productions featuring live music and cartoon segments, is at a completely different juncture in his life (25,000 euros, development funding). Formerly an internationally successful singer, Tony most recently served 15 years in the prison JVA Berlin-Moabit – innocently. Unfortunately, the return to his family upon his release is everything but harmonious: Tony’s career is in shambles, his parents and grandparents have all taken to living with his family in the Charlottenburg mansion, which his business-savvy ex wife has converted into a guest house. Faced with utter nothingness, Tony starts working there as a janitor. A recipe for chaos.

An honest perspective on parenthood is assumed by director Pola Beck (among other things “Breaking Horizons”) in the series "#worthit”  made by a little. film production (50,000 euros, development funding). Featuring plenty of humour, she tells the story of a young parent couple who have to come to terms with the fact that parenting guidebooks only contain half the truth. Things omitted deliberately: sleep deprivation, fear of loss and drugstore visits determine the new daily routine.

The setting of the exploration PC game “God in the Fen” (Sleepy Seed, 80,000 euros) takes players to mystical Germanic forests and swamplands ca. 300 AD. The game's protagonist, Saga, is an 11-year-old orphan going on the prowl through the dark forests and silent swamps. Through Saga, players explore the surroundings, develop distraction manoeuvres and escape routes to hunt down prey.

Even superheroes need help! The mobile audio game “0800 HERO” by hands on sound (36,000 euros) has players assume the role of a counsellor. Self-declared avengers, villains and small-time criminals struggle for control over Berlin; simultaneously, supernatural powers push the city to the edge of ruin time and again. 0800 HERO is the hotline heroes call whenever they get time to breathe.

The VR experience “Jungle” for Oculus Go by Silberner Bär award winner Jan Koester Animation (50,000 euros) is inspired by a shaman ritual from South America. Users find themselves in a forest, waiting for the chant of the plants surrounding them. Once it starts and they join in, they have the power to change their environment and to let trees or plants grow.

All funding decisions can be viewedhere.

The next deadline for serial formats is 19 February 2019; for innovative audiovisual content the deadline is 16 April 2019.

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