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The Media Board is funding new mobile and PC games as well as VR and AR experiences: Playfully going back to medieval times and forth to the future!

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Berlin/Potsdam – In its Second Funding Round 2018, the Media Board has funded 8 projects in the area of Innovative Audio-visual Content with EUR 417,000. 

Intelligence services that snoop around in private chats and data, and hackers who attack lines presumed to be safe and secure – this quite particular thrill is what gamers will soon be able to experience in the mobile serious game “Pieces of Data”  (waza!, EUR 53,000). A simulated mobile phone environment provides adventures surrounding data security and privacy. For this purpose, developers draw on the real technical possibilities of mobile surveillance.

A glance into a (potentially) beautiful new world is cast by “A World Without Work” (High Road Productions, EUR 30,000). The mobile augmented reality app is playfully bringing the not-so-distant future into the living room: We experience what our life might look like if we no longer had (to) work, because robots have taken over our jobs.  

...and even more science fiction: In the multi-player strategy game “Project Starfall” (Stratosphere Games, EUR 50,000), fights between aliens and human aggressors happen in real-time. 

Continuation of an award-winning, successful game: In “About Love, Hate and the Other Ones 2” (Black Pants Studio, EUR 29,000), the originally 2D game is now being expanded by a 3rd dimension while remaining true to its tried and tested game mechanism. 

With “The Castles of Burgundy” (Digidiced, EUR 70,000) the eponymous, also award-winning board game of the Digidiced company, which had paid back its funding for “Terra Mystica” on occasion of the Games Week Berlin in April, will be adapted as a computer game: Located in medieval France, each player can establish their own principality alongside the Loire River, little by little. Fantasy fans are also heading into medieval times, now to the border between Russia and China, in “Fly No Banner” (Point Black Games, EUR 80,000). In the PC game, players aim their weapons at each other as mercenaries in close combat, in order to balance the power structure of three kingdoms. 

How does it feel to hear familiar sounds differently and, as such, perceive the world differently? In the VR experience “Symphony of Noise” (Kloos & Co. Medien, EUR 70,000) players immerse themselves Matthew Herbert’s vision of the world and can discover acoustical landscapes while a story is unfolding around them with the help of the poetry of sound and 3D animations. 

Geared towards children is the innovative transmedia app “Spookies” (Wonderz, EUR 35,000) with episodic videos, games and almanac chapters. Located at the centre is a group of ghost children at Castle Ravenstone. The players follow the little ghosts and help them to face their fears in a humorous fashion. 

The list of funding decisions is available here. 

In total, 18 projects with an application total in the amount of approx. EUR 1,212,000 were submitted.

The next submission deadlines for IAI project are 10 July and 4 December.

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