15 years of Medienboard! Thanks to its extraordinary film creators, Berlin-Brandenburg is the foremost location for films and high-end series

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15 years of Medienboard! Thanks to its extraordinary film creators, Berlin-Brandenburg is the foremost location for films and high-end series 

15 years of Medienboard

  • 3,373 projects were realised with 374 million euros of film funding over 15 years
  • This funding lead to 1.6 billion euros of investments in Berlin-Brandenburg (400% regional effect)
  • 1,600 films and 22 high-end series were created with MBB funding...
  • ... and went on to win 15 Oscars, 8 Golden Globes, 6 Palmes d’Or, 18 Bears and 227 Lolas      

Film funding 2018

  • Record sum! MBB awards 38.8 million euros of funding in 2018
  • 31.6 million euros for film funding, 27.3 million euros thereof for film & high-end series production grants
  • 504% regional effect (137.3 million euros) in production funding
  • 600% regional effect (31 million euros) in high-end series production
  • Increase to 5,300 days of shooting in the capital region
  • One international production follows another, from Art House to Hollywood to US series with stars like Julie Delpy, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Stewart, J. K. Simmons
  • 4 films "Made in Berlin-Brandenburg" attract millions of cinemagoers, 6 MBB-funded films in the German cinema top 10
  • 8 Oscar nominations for 4 Medienboard-funded films
  • 18 films and series with MBB funding in the official Berlin International Film Festival programme, 10 films thereof created by female directors. 3 films in the competition

Berlin/Potsdam – The current producers’ study confirms it: Berlin is the no. 1 film location, boasts the highest cinema production volume and is Germany’s most attractive location. 8 current Oscar nominations speak for themselves. No wonder that the series boom has struck in a major way here: around 10 new high-end series which were created in the capital region over the past year caused the shooting numbers to skyrocket. 2018 was also a year for women in film: they stage high-budget road movies like Karoline Herfurth, achieve the best cinema opening numbers in 2018 like Caroline Link, won renowned film prizes like Alice Rohrwacher in Cannes and paid back the check like Julia von Heinz after great successes at the box office.

Berlin-Brandenburg – the best place to B(B) and make movies

Non-stop shooting – the capital is on a shooting day high: with 5,300 shooting days in 2018, shooting numbers have more than quintupled since the foundation of the Medienboard. This means full employment in the film industry in front of and behind the camera and great prospects for young talents. Berlin-Brandenburg is an international hot spot for films and series. From Hollywood to Bollywood, everyone came, saw and shot – and the upcoming stars are already in front of the camera. The film industry is a strong economic driver for the region which also benefits handicraft businesses, logistics companies, gastronomy establishments and the hotel as well as film tourism business.

The regional effect has nearly doubled from 260% to 500% within 15 years: where 23.3 million euros in film funding led to investments at an amount of 60.5 million euros in the founding year, the record funding sum of 31.6 million euros in 2018 triggered just under 150 million euros of spending in the region.

Medienboard managing director Kirsten Niehuus: "Since 2004, the location has seen some highly dynamic development. We were able to witness the location receiving 15 Oscars and becoming world-famous and internationally coveted. Many young talents from back then today belong to the international establishment and it is impossible to imagine the world’s festivals and screens without them – and many more are joining them all the time. The capital region is immensely attractive to film makers from across the globe. In all this, history is a fascinating source for stories, and not nearly everything has been told yet. However, the present of this special region also offers artists the freedom they need for their projects and the mixture of settings and characters is travelling the world as “Berlin films”. Adding to all this are studios with long traditions where many an Oscar-winning feature has been shot. Through digitalisation, streaming services and their series came to the city, but also to the countryside. The creative film industry has become an important economic factor – and that is a good thing!"

Womanpower in front of and behind the camera

Women in film rocked Berlin-Brandenburg’s 2018 shooting season in front of and behind the camera: with "SMS für Dich" ("SMS for you"), Karoline Herfurth proved that she does not only attract audiences as an actress – in the summer, she finished her second film, action comedy "Sweethearts", which will be in cinemas right in time for Valentine’s Day. Her French colleague Julie Delpy staged "My Zoe" in Berlin-Brandenburg in 2018, Hermine Huntgeburth depicted Udo Lindenberg’s wild years in "Mach Dein Ding!" and Vanessa Jopp is adapting the E-mail romance novel "Gut gegen Nordwind". As her next project, Julia von Heinz is staging shooting star Mala Emde in "Und morgen die ganze Welt", Caroline Link is adapting "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit", Anne Zohra Berrached finished shooting "The Wife of the Pilot" – and Katja von Garnier is preparing "Bandits 2". Strong women in the directors’ chairs bring strong women characters to the screen: Hollywood star Elizabeth Banks remade "Charlie's Angels" in Studio Babelsberg – her version of the legendary trio of angels is played by none other than Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. Another prominent team of women consists of director Sherry Hormann, camerawoman Judith Kaufmann, producer Sandra Maischberger and actress Almila Bagriacik, who finished "A Regular Woman". Jennifer Fox’s moving live-action film debut "The Tale" featuring Laura Dern premiered at Sundance 2018 and is nominated for the US American Independent Spirit Awards. 

In the film industry, there is an acute awareness of the still existing imbalance in directing assignments. The Medienboard is committed to gender equality, awards funding according to the principle of "at the same level of quality, the project with a female director is favoured" and demands: more films by women with credible female characters!

"... of Berlin": Films and series are the best location marketing 

 ... and totally instagrammable! Productions from the capital region are hits, both domestically and internationally, and it is no longer possible to imagine small and large screens without them. Berlin-Brandenburg’s producers are present at festivals across the globe! A preliminary peak was reached with 8 Oscar nominations for "Never Look Away", "Isle of Dogs", "Of Fathers and Sons" and "Cold War". 

Film is at its greatest in the cinema

The capital region is Germany’s cinema capital with the greatest diversity in film theatres. To keep it that way, the Medienboard has been supporting cinemas in Berlin and Brandenburg since 2018 – besides cinema programme prizes and grants for innovative cinema marketing – with a current yearly total of 200,000 euros of investment funding for modernisation, improvement and new cinema construction. 

Box office numbers

In an overall weak year for German cinema with a market share of 22 million viewers (Comscore), the Medienboard was able to hold its position in the market with its funded productions: 6 films “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg” hit the domestic cinemagoer TOP 10. 4 of them achieved millions of cinemagoers! With more than 11 million cinemagoers seeing MBB-funded films, the audience share is nearly twice as large as it was in 2004. The value would be significantly higher when adding unreleased viewing numbers from media libraries and streaming services: the first two seasons of "Babylon Berlin" in the ARD media library, for instance, broke viewing records.

Berlin International Film Festival 2019

At Dieter’s last Berlin International Film Festival, MBB films are strongly represented overall. What's great: on 10 of 18 films and series funded by the Medienboard and featured in the programme for the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival, the directors were women. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the 3 films in the competition for the Bear – "System Crasher", "I Was at Home, But" and "A Tale of Three Sisters".


Feature films and HighEnd series that are coming in 2019: "Sweethearts" by Karoline Herfurth (14.2.19) // "Rate your Date" by David Dietl (7.3.19) // "Iron Sky: The Coming Race" by Timo Vuorensola (21.3.19) // "The Collini Case" by Marco Kreuzpaintner (18.4.19) // "Roads" by Sebastian Schipper (30.5.19) // "TKKG" by Robert Thalheim (6.6.19) // "Gut gegen Nordwind" by Vanessa Jopp (12.9.19) // "Wendezeit" by Sven Bohse zu 30 Jahre Mauerfall // "Ich war noch niemals in New York" by Philipp Stölzl (24.10.19) // "Traumfabrik" by Martin Schreier (30.10.19) // "Charlie’s Angels" by Elizabeth Banks (1.11.19) // "Lara" by Jan-Ole Gerster (7.11.19) // "Als Hitler das rosa Kaninchen stahl" by Caroline Link (26.12.19) // "Narziss und Goldmund" by Stefan Ruzowitzky (2.1.20) // "8 Tage" by Stefan Ruzowitzky, Michael Krummenacher (1.3.19) // "Die neue Zeit" by Lars Kraume // "Babylon Berlin" by Tom Tykwer, Henk Handloegten, Achim von Borries

Medienboard managing director Kirsten Niehuus: "From the perceived film capital to the undisputed no. 1 film location to the new European series hot spot. The fact that Berlin-Brandenburg is a premium location for films and high-end series is due to the creative film and media creators. Thank you for making the region shine!"

Boom in the capital region: 15 years of Medienboard film funding

15 years of Medienboard, 30 years after the Fall of the Wall: the most traditional German film location has not only survived but established itself as an international top brand. Over the 15 years since the foundation of the Medienboard in 2004, the film funding business division has distributed just under 374 million euros among 3373 projects. These investments have paid artistically as well as economically: films "Made in Berlin-Brandenburg" have since been nominated at international festivals more than 3,000 times and took home trophies at 1,000 occasions, among them 15 Oscars, 8 Golden Globes, 6 Cannes palm leaves, 18 Berlin International Film Festival Bears and 227 Lolas. Besides that, they attracted more than 250 million cinemagoers over this period of time in Germany alone! Film is not just nice, it also brings in revenue. The funded film productions have spent 1.6 billion euros and thus more than four times the funding amount in the region.

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