Film & Kino Fördermeldung

13 million euros for digital film production in Berlin-Brandenburg – capital region on its way to becoming a high-tech hub for film & series

1899_FIRSTLOOK ©RasmusVoss Das MBB-geförderte Netflix Original "1899" entsteht im neuen Babelsberger LED-Volume


Berlin / Potsdam -
The film industry is an important driver of future technologies. Films and series have long been inconceivable without digital production technology. Whereas in the past digital visual effects were mainly used to remove annoying traffic signs or high-voltage pylons, today new worlds are created on the computer. This applies not only to science fiction, but also to historical settings or the present day, for example when a talking kangaroo stars in a live-action film. 

Together, Berlin and Brandenburg are investing 13 million euros to promote productions with a high proportion of digital production technology, to make the capital region a hub for technical innovation in the field of film production as well, and to create attractive jobs for highly specialised workers with long-term prospects. This funding is managed by Medienboard in addition to traditional funding. 

While the focus in Berlin is more on visual effects, Europe’s 1st permanent LED volume DARK BAY is being created in Babelsberg on the grounds of the traditional studio, which is also setting new standards internationally. Powered by 100% green electricity, any setting can be produced here via projections. For instance, a series set in several countries can be shot in one location. This method can replace the previously common green screen process.

As the first project in Brandenburg, “1899”, the new series by “Dark” creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, which will be realised exclusively in Babelsberg’s DARK BAY, will receive a real 2 million euros from the digital MBB special budget.

Stated Kirsten Niehuus, Medienboard managing director:
“In the film sector, the successful cooperation between Berlin and Brandenburg has long been a matter of course. We are delighted that today, with the premiere of the LED volume, we can open and promote a new chapter in the history of film production at the traditional location of Babelsberg, which is constantly reinventing itself. ‘1899’ is shot entirely here in the studio. We are excited to see breathtaking images digitally made in Berlin-Brandenburg!”