Andrea  Mallwitz

Andrea Mallwitz

Tel: +49 331 74387 20

 Emilie  Harms

Emilie Harms

Tel: +49 331 74387 18

 Veronika  Grob

Veronika Grob

Schwerpunkte: Stoff-und Projektentwicklung, Produktionsförderung, Highend Serien, Leuchtstoff-Abschlussfilme

Tel: +49 331 74387 21

 Oliver  Ossege

Oliver Ossege

Förderreferent Schwerpunkte: Stoff- und Projektentwicklung, Produktionsförderung, Highend Serien, Kinderfilm

Tel: +49 331 74387 22

 Oliver  Zeller

Oliver Zeller

Schwerpunkte: Digitale Film-Produktion, Stoff- und Projektentwicklung, Produktionsförderung, Internationale Koproduktionen, Highend Serien

Tel: +49 331 74387 86

 Mara  Neuber

Mara Neuber

Schwerpunkt: Serielle Formate (Fiction, Entertainment & Factual)

Tel: +49 331 74387 36

 Kirsten  Niehuus

Kirsten Niehuus
Geschäftsführung Filmförderung

Tel: +49 331 74387 10

 Helge  Jürgens

Helge Jürgens
Geschäftsführung New-Media-Förderung

Berlin-Brandenburg is a series hotspot! MBB promotes high-end series and serial formats in the region.

Funding Guideline


High-end series funding

The film funding departement of MBB supports the development and production of high-end series (fictional and non-fictional).

 Veronika  Grob

Veronika Grob
Funding Executive

Focus on Newcomers, High End Series, Development, Production

Tel: +49 331743 87 21

 Daniel  Saltzwedel

Daniel Saltzwedel
Funding Executive

High End Series, Drama and Development and Production of documentary formats (national/international)

Tel: +49 331 74387 80

 Oliver  Ossege

Oliver Ossege

Funding Executive Development, Production, High End Series, Children's film

Tel: +49 331 743 87 22

 Oliver  Zeller

Oliver Zeller
Funding Executive

Focus on Digital Film Production, International Co-Production, High End Series, Production, Development

Tel: +49 331743 87 86

Serial Formats (Fiction, Factual, Entertainment)

MBB funds the development and production of serial formats in all genres, regardless of whether the content is intended for linear or non-linear viewing.

Film Commission

Free service and information about filming in Berlin-Brandenburg: for a film-friendly region.

Creative Europe Media

The Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg is one of 4 MEDIA information offices in Germany and offers all information about MEDIA funding and support with applications in Brussels.