Dr. Carena  Brenner

Dr. Carena Brenner
Head of Press and Communications

Communications Film Funding

Telephone: +49 331 743 87 70

 Mareike  Jung

Mareike Jung
Head of Press and Communications

Communications Film Funding

Telephone: +49 331 74387 72

 Laura  Liebe

Laura Liebe
Press and Communications New Media Funding

Telephone: +49 331 74387 62

 Ulrike  Linzer

Ulrike Linzer
Communications New Media Funding

Telephone: +49 331 74387 71

 Antonia  Bittig-Dedenbach

Antonia Bittig-Dedenbach
Communications Film Funding / AV Content

Telephone: +49 331 74387 73

 Moritz  Hartmann

Moritz Hartmann
Online Communications

Telephone: +49 331 74387 74

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Filmförderung/ Film & Kino/ Event/

Medienboard supports the diversity of Berlin-Brandenburg cinema with 1.5 million euros

With an award amount totalling 1.5 million euros, MBB honours and supports the unique diversity of cinemas in the capital region and recognises the cinema operators for their high levels of commitment ...

Startups/ Professionalisierung/

Social Startups VYVYT Innovations and KINDA receive Startbüro Babelsberg Scholarship 2023

STARTBÜRO BABELSBERG opens its doors to promising new teams. This year, for the first time, they will move into the rooms of the Collection Building - surrounded by the researchers of the Creative ...

Filmförderung/ Event/ Pressemeldung/

4 LOLAS for MBB-funded films

“It’s the film party of the year, with a show worthy of a movie here in the ‘Lola Palast’, where great cinema is also staged as part of the Berlinale. Our heartfelt congrats to all the winners – ...

Event/ Games & Digitales/

4 awards for the capital region at the German Computer Game Awards

A successful day for the games capital! Studios from Berlin-Brandenburg win in 4 categories at the German Computer Game Awards: 2 awards go to MBB-funded games, and Paintbucket Games becomes Studio of ...

Standortmarketing & Standortentwicklung/ Games & Digitales/

Games as a growth market: increasing turnover figures, companies and employees

Good figures for the capital region: the games industry continues to grow, thus becoming an important branch of the audiovisual creative industries. Turnover increases to 446 million euros. The number ...