Creative Europe - European Media Funding

  • Cross-sectoral

    Creative Europe’s new cross-sectoral category funds projects from both the KULTUR and MEDIA sub-programmes. This can relate to issues such as the creation of networks, film education, or crowdfunding, for example. The first programme selections were announced in the summer of 2015.

  • Cinema

    Europa Cinemas, a European cinema network, provides support to network-affiliated cinemas that programme a high proportion of European-origin films. The network includes 1,182 cinemas in 682 cities in 69 countries around the world. In Germany, 166 cinemas from Flensburg to Oberstdorf are members of the network.

  • Funding for Producers

    MEDIA funds film, TV, and digital projects that show strong potential for European and international co-production and distribution, and which have significant artistic value and represent cultural diversity. Independent production companies that hold at least 50% of the project rights and can show a current reference project are eligible to apply.

  • Funding for Distributors

    Here, funding is provided for the release of non-European-national films that are to be exhibited in cinemas by at least seven European distributors. The distribution of feature films, documentary films, and animated films of at least 60 minutes in length ca supported.

  • Markets and Festivals

    Funding can be provided for European festivals with a programmatic focus on countries participating in the MEDIA scheme. The festivals should address the issues of audience development, particularly with regard to young audiences, as well as film education. In addition, support can be provided for activities that facilitate market access for filmmakers and films.

  • Continuing-Education Measures

    Continuing-education measures for European media professionals, for instance in the areas of audience development, project development, marketing, sales and distribution, and management, are also funded by the MEDIA programme. Applications can be submitted by film and television academies, universities, associations, educational institutions and private companies.

European Funding for the German Capital Region

The Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg is one of four MEDIA information offices in Germany, and is an important industry partner for all issues relating to the Creative Europe Programme. Producers, distributors, cinema operators, festivals and other companies in the audiovisual sector can here obtain information about MEDIA funding and assistance with submitting applications to Brussels. The MEDIA Programme is a part of Creative Europe, an EU programme for the support of  the audiovisual sector and Europe’s cultural and creative industries. 


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