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MBB New Media Funding: Year 2023 ends on a strong note with over 3 million euros allocated to new projects in gaming, XR, and serial formats from the Berlin-Brandenburg region

Berlin / Potsdam - In their fifth and final funding meeting of the year, the MBB’s New Media Funding department allocated 3.3 million euros in total to 20 projects in the gaming, XR, and innovative audiovisual content sectors, as well as for serial formats. This also includes 215,000 euros in total for two projects from the DIGI.TALe funding program.

2 million euros of funding will flow to gaming projects. The results of this funding meeting designated a total sum of 5.3 million euros to support regional games development in 2023, and MBB, thanks to the increased federal state funding for this sector, has assumed the top spot amongst federal state media funders.

Overview of funded projects!



100 Lives

Gamebook Studio HQ
500.000 euros
Production funding
Next-gen life simulation: experience a whole life in one hour - become a rock star, an astronaut, or a millionaire, meet your favorite heroes, and change your world over the course of 100 lifetimes.


KUTUR Runway

Vizta Dgtl
250.000 euros 
Production funding
An innovative fashion game with role play elements, in which the players make their own digital fashion creations, exhibit them, and compete against other players.


Grace sieht Geister!

Sebastian Hollstein
260.000 euros
Development and production funding
In this heart-warming puzzle adventure, players take on the role of Grace, a hermit-like lighthouse keeper. On the secluded North Sea island of Greencliff, she fulfills the last wishes of ghosts, and in doing so opens herself up again to the living inhabitants.



Ostend Games 
165.000 euros
Production funding
In the role of frog waiter, gamers in Trøndelag are tasked with bringing a run-down pub on a Scandinavian island back to life, as well as creating drinks and eavesdropping on the tales their guests tell.


The Settlings

First Course Games
145.000 euros
Production funding
A construction management simulation (CMS) with puzzle elements and a nostalgic look, in which the players ensure the smooth running of a settlement by managing resources and skillfully building supply chains.



Erik Rempen
145.000 euros
Production funding
In this relaxing city builder, players construct detail-oriented apartment blocks at their own pace, creating urban sceneries in the process.


Fast Survivors

144.000 euros
Production funding
In this survival game, players control various vehicles and must survive in a post-apocalyptic, decopunk world filled with ruins and mutant hordes.



Ivy Juice
122.000 euros
Production funding
A driving game in which players must navigate unusual vehicles through a dystopian game world while on the search for loot, facing a multitude of dangers along the way.



Randwerk Games
50.000 euros
Development funding
A survival exploration game in which a moving castle rolls through the countryside, gathering resources, trading, and fighting enemy fortresses.


High Rise Districts

Florian Grolig
14.500 euros
Development funding
A minimalist city builder with puzzle elements, combining both with engaging vertical match-3 gaming.



Night Divides the Day

High Road Stories Heezen & Robbins
280.000 euros
Production funding

This VR game is a psychological thriller. Players roam through a mystical city: their subconscious. Neither living nor dead, neither asleep nor awake, they ask themselves: why am I here, and where will my path lead me?


Inter(mediate) Spaces 

Lee & Martinic - Present Futures
100.000 euros
Development funding
Can technology bring people closer together? A multi-user experimental VR installation explores this question. It uses generative, individually customized AI as a tool to collaboratively design a common future.


Brecht into the Metaverse

60.000 euros
Development funding
Four individual players perform a play by Bertolt Brecht in a social VR World. The new project from performance artist Katharina Haverich includes the construction of a digital stage, as well as a docuseries accompanying the rehearsals which is partly filmed in VR.



Klinikum Brandenburg

ndF Hamburg
350.000 euros
Production funding
More information on this project will follow shortly.



gebrueder beetz filmproduktion berlin
300.000 euros
Production funding
Docuseries about a Hamburg neighborhood celebrity and her involvement in the Columbian drug war of the nineties.


Night Trains

120.000 euros
Production funding
This series shows the most impressive night train routes in Europe, tells the hidden nature stories of the night and morning hours and introduces us to characters both on the train and along the route.


Der korrekte Diener

Goldstoff Filme
37.000 euros
Production funding
In 1889, Hermann-Josef lives as a valet in the House of Kummerveldt. In this new TikTok-format he reports on everything – from the correct way to handle silverware to Kaiser Wilhem II’s curious foreign policy.


Beauty Palace

30.000 euros
Development funding
Berlin-based cousins Ayleen and Dilek are forced out of their beauty salon in Neukölln as a result of gentrification. However, they receive an unbeatable offer: a villa in Rangsdorf. Bring it on: the success story of Beauty Palace.