Venice Immersive

Sebastian Köppen
Industry Development


Telephone: +49 331 743 87 65

Laura Liebe
Press and Communications New Media Funding

Telephone: +49 331 74387 62

Ulrike Linzer
Communications New Media Funding

Telephone: +49 331 74387 71

Venice Immersive, the extended reality section of the Venice International Film Festival, is entirely dedicated to immersive media and encompasses all XR means of creative expression: 360° videos and XR projects, including installations and virtual worlds. It also includes the most important European XR competition with great growth potential and is becoming the most important presentation platform for the XR industry of the Capital Region. In 2023, the MBB, together with the other German funding institutions with an XR focus, will be on site as the organiser of the German country booth, various XR panels and a German reception.

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