New Media Funding

  •  Helge  Jürgens

    Helge Jürgens

    CEO New Media Funding

  • Dr. Anna Sarah  Vielhaber

    Dr. Anna Sarah Vielhaber

    Head of New Media Funding

    Tel: +49 331 74387 83

  •  Esther  Rothstegge

    Esther Rothstegge

    Funding Executive
    Innovative Audiovisual Content, Canada Germany Digital Media Incentive, DIGI.TALe

    Tel: +49 331 74387 27

  •  Jenni  Wergin

    Jenni Wergin

    Funding Executive
    Innovative Audiovisual Content and Media Events Games

    Tel: +49 331 743 87 85

  •  Mara  Neuber

    Mara Neuber

    Funding Executive
    Focus on Serial Formats (Fiction, Entertainment and Factual)

    Tel: +49 331 74387 36

The New Media Funding division provides funding for the development und production of innovative audiovisual projects (e.g. games, multiplatform content, virtual and augmented reality) and serial formats (fiction, entertainment and factual). It represents Berlin-Brandenburg as a key media location at markets and festivals in Germany and abroad and supports cross-border and cross-industry networking.