Dr. Carena  Brenner

Dr. Carena Brenner
Head of Press and Communications

Communications Film Funding

Tel: +49 331 743 87 70

 Mareike  Jung

Mareike Jung
Head of Press and Communications

Communications Film Funding

Tel: +49 331 74387 72

 Gina  Schad

Gina Schad
Communications New Media Funding

Parental leave representation Laura Liebe

Tel: +49 331 743 87 62

 Antonia  Dedenbach

Antonia Dedenbach
Communications Film Funding / AV Content

Tel: +49 331 74387 73

 Katharina  Deparade

Katharina Deparade
Online Communications

Tel: +49 331 74387 74

 Ulrike  Linzer

Ulrike Linzer
Communications New Media Funding

Tel: +49 331 74387 71

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Serielle Formate/ Pressemeldung/ TV/

Serial formats from the capital region – innovative, bold, award-worthy! New media funding supports up-and-coming series producers with funding, events and initiatives

Young, diverse teams, exceptional storytelling and cross-platform formats are the hallmarks of the productions. With its funding program for serial formats, Medienboard also explicitly supports ...

Fördermeldung/ Film & Kino/

13 million euros for digital film production in Berlin-Brandenburg – capital region on its way to becoming a high-tech hub for film & series

The film industry is an important driver of future technologies. Films and series have long been inconceivable without digital production technology. Whereas in the past digital visual effects were ...

Fördermeldung/ Film & Kino/

MBB subsidises costs for intimacy coordination during filming!

Kisses, nudity, physical closeness and sex play a big role in movies and series. In the MBB web talk “Intimacy coordination in film and television productions” on 29 April, experts once again ...

Serielle Formate/ Pressemeldung/ Fördermeldung/ TV/ Games & Digitales/

New media funding awards approx. 1 million euros to 18 games, VR experiences and serial formats

Visionary, innovative, creative: in its second session, the new media funding supported 18 projects with 936,500 euros.

Fördermeldung/ Film & Kino/

5.1 m. euros of MBB funding for new cinema films and high-end series #MadeinBerlinBrandenburg

For the first time in a funding round, the share of projects in which women are creatively responsible is over 50% of the funded projects.